CSAI runoff: National Economic Reform or Immigration

None of the proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues for 2010-2014 achieved a majority of the votes in Friday morning’s vote. The General Assembly Planning Committee announced that a runoff vote will take place early in Saturday morning’s plenary session between CSAI 2, “National Economic Reform: A Moral Imperative,” and CSAI 3, “Immigration as a Moral Issue.”

The vote was not counted in time to be announced during Friday morning’s plenary. Beth McGregor of the Planning Committee said that the sponsors of all five proposed CSAIs have been informed of the outcome of the vote.

  • kimc

    Really, all of the issues we are concerned with are intertwined, but I see economic justice and immigration issues to be especially related: if all jobs must pay a real living wage, then that will profoundly affect immigration. If employers cannot get away with substandard pay, then jobs will go to the best candidate rather than the cheapest worker. but, we cannot afford to pay workers decent salaries unless we have protective tariffs as a wall to keep us from directly competing with slave labor in such places as China. If we are to re-instate tariffs, we must win out over the huge multinational corporations who shipped our jobs overseas and systematically deregulated in order to lower American wages. To win over those huge corporations, we must be not only educated about what it takes, but active in doing something about it. This promises to be difficult, but maybe not impossible….


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