Delegates debate Peacemaking Statement of Conscience

GA delegates are about to debate a proposed Peacemaking Statement of Conscience that calls UUs “to the work of peacebuilding, peacemaking, and peacekeeping,” and to “advocate a culture of peace through a transformation of public policies, religious consciousness, and individual lifestyles.”

Delegates will debate and vote on the statement during this morning’s plenary session. The statement must be approved by a two-thirds majority of delegates or it will die. An earlier draft of the statement, presented for a vote at the 2009 General Assembly, was sent back to the Commission on Social Witness for refinement. The Statement can’t be referred back again.

A group of delegates and peace activists met with the Commission in a three-hour miniassembly yesterday to discuss the Statement and suggest amendments.

Leading up to the debate, Sharon Welch, provost and professor of Religion and Society at Meadville Lombard Theological School, speaking in support of it, quoted the Statement: “Too often we have allowed our disagreements to distract us from all that we can do together. This Statement of Conscience challenges individual Unitarian Universalists, as well as our congregations and Association to engage with more depth, persistence, and creativity in the complex task of creating peace.”

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