Financial Advisor: We can afford to take on immigration

In his report to the General Assembly in Friday’s plenary session, UUA Financial Advisor Dan Brody addressed the potential financial impact of challenging Arizona’s SB 1070. Delegates will vote Saturday afternoon on a business resolution that calls for the withdrawal of the 2012 UUA General Assembly from Phoenix and for congregations to raise funds to cover $615,000 in hotel cancellation fees and to raise at least another $615,000 to support immigrants’ rights.

“I carefully reviewed the effects of moving GA out of Phoenix,” he said. “There could be significant financial impacts either way,” through cancellation fees if GA isn’t held in Arizona, or through individual UUs who would boycott a GA that took place in Arizona.

“I don’t feel I should take a role on this difficult issue as Financial Advisor,” Brody said, but he added: “Regardless of our ultimate decision, our values compel us to become increasingly active on immigration reform, which will cost money.”

He urged that the money congregations raise toward covering the costs of boycotting Arizona or toward public witness work not come at the expense of the Annual Program Fund contributions, district dues, or other pledges.

“Our history of generosity . . . convinces me we have the resources and the will to raise the money for this important purpose,” he said.

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