Delegates resoundingly approve resolution on Ariz. GA

The 2010 General Assembly has just approved the substitute business resolution that calls for a “Justice General Assembly” in Phoenix, Ariz., in 2012 “for the purposes of witnessing on immigration, racial and economic justice . . . in which business is limited to the minimum required by our bylaws.” The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution.

Update: Here are links to UU World‘s earlier coverage of the debate about going to Arizona:

  • Adrian L. Hilliard

    I unconsciously held my breath while the vote was taking place. Pleased with the results. Committing to come to Phoenix in 2012. Thank you GA for holding each other in love, even when in disagreement. And God Bless Gini Courter!

  • Barbara Face

    yes, adrian, please come to az to show your support in favor of standing on the side of love

  • RevKimi

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Three cheers for the UUA

  • ChrisBarghout

    Question: When is being a scab running through a social justice boycott not an act of moral weakness?

    Answer: When Unitarians are going to loose a bit of money if they show solidarity with immigrants. We call it “witnessing”. We find a few (yes, Latino leadership is near unanimous in supporting boycott) who will work with us and try to call a spade something else than a spade.

    As a person of color, I see through the rhetoric of the UUA. With democratic backing for this reolution, it amply demonstrates why UU's have completely failed to integrate their congregations and why the future looks very much the same. I for one will look to the hundreds of civic, and religious organizations who honor this boycott for social justice leadership.

  • Rob Smith

    And when does the time for flinging hurtful rhetoric and mistrust back and forth end, and the time for coming together and being the change we want to see in the world begin? It was no simple matter for so many people, with so many diverse views on this topic to come to almost unanimous consensus. It took a lot of love, a lot of listening, a lot of crying, a lot of arguing, and most of all a lot of faith in one another.

  • OhioKim

    I think it was the right decision. Our staying home and pouting would not have done any good. Our getting in the game and shouting and witnessing for justice is a moral necessity.

  • Patrice Curtis

    Take courage friends.
    The way is often hard, the path is never clear, and the stakes are very high.
    Take courage.
    For deep down, there is another truth: you are not alone. – Wayne B. Arnason, Singing the Living Tradition

    Let us go to Arizona. Let us share love, at the site of pain and despair. Let us be part of transformation.

  • senwcb

    So very sad. I hope you all pat yourselves on the back as you “bear witness”. Your future actions will do nothing to help the situation while this action of very publicly voting not to support the boycott speaks volumes. My family will not be there with you, as Arizona is not a safe place for us. I had hoped for better, but cannot say that I am not surprised.

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  • mclean

    Act of moral cowardice. I am ashamed.



    I am saddened to see your response. After a difficult and draining series of discussions a thoughtful democratic process was followed and a decision was voted in. Throughout the experience people were respectful and courteous, and made every effort to remain in covenant and right relation with one another. I understand your frustration, but not your disrespect. I admire your passion and desire to work for social justice, but I believe that starts with treating each other with respect. I hope that you will find it in your heart to act according to our faith within this online conversation.


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