Five Actions of Immediate Witness added to agenda

The General Assembly is running about an hour behind schedule, and Moderator Gini Courter is urging delegates to be selective in how much business they’ll postpone to later spots on already full plenary agenda.

The Commission on Social Witness introduced five proposed Actions of Immediate Witness, which are timely public witness resolutions brought to the General Assembly by petition:

  • AIW-1: “Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures at the State Level (Arizona Law SB 1070 and the Like) and Hasten Federal Immigration Reform”
  • AIW-2: “End Blockade of Gaza and Growth of Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Territory”
  • AIW-3: “Gulf Coast Environmental and Economic Justice”
  • AIW-4: “Clean Up the Clean Energy Bill”
  • AIW-6: “End the War in Afghanistan and Pakistan”

Courter explained that proposed AIW-5, “Reinvigorating Our Youth and Young Adult Structures at a Congregational Level,” is not a public witness resolution and needs to be introduced at another point in the General Assembly.

Delegates approved adding all five of the proposed Actions of Immediate Witness to Sunday’s business schedule.

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