‘Green Revolution’ Resolution passes

GA delegates voted Sunday morning to accept a proposed “Green Revolution in Religion” Business Resolution submitted by the Ballou Channing District. The resolution states, in part, that:

This General Assembly calls upon the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association to make a special effort in the year 2011 to participate in the Association’s continuing work for environmental justice, environmental stewardship, biodiversity protection, and environmental restoration. We ask member congregations to reflect on the religious teachings and experiences that inspire Unitarian Universalists in this important work.

Delegates met to discuss and amend the resolution during a brief miniassembly Friday afternoon. One amendment, which inserted the words “and ecosystem” after the word biodiversity in line 1036, was incorporated. A second amendment, to immediately follow line 1038, asked the GA Planning Committee to develop a major discussion about the religious roots of environmental justice concern; it was not incorporated.

The full text of the resolution (without the added two words) appears on page 32 of the Final Agenda. You can also view a PDF of the “Green Revolution in Religion” Resolution.

UUA Moderator Gini Courter explained that the Resolution was submitted by a district on a timely basis but was lost over the summer due to a flaw in the process, which is why the board placed it on the agenda now.

Eva Marx, trustee from the Ballou Channing District, speaking on behalf of the UUA Board of Trustees, said that the Resolution requests three things: That our member congregations reflect on the religious teachings and values that inspire us to do this work; that the president of our Association report on our progress and make recommendations for future actions at the 2011 General Assembly in  Charlotte; and that our congregations support the Green Sanctuary Program, and that a history of the Green Sanctuary Program and our Association’s work for environmental justice be presented at the 2011 General Assembly. “In keeping with our Seventh Principle,” Marx said, “Unitarian Universalistss are committed to environmental issues and many of our congregations are already working with environmental themes. This resolution calls for our Association to increase its leadership and support.”


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