Approved: Youth and young adult responsive resolution

Luke Lamar, a member of the UU Church of Brunswick, Maine, presented a responsive resolution asking UUs and UU congregations to focus on the development of youth and young adult ministry and the empowerment of youth and young adults.

“The Board has stated that it’s eager to empower a younger generation of leaders,” he said. “When GA participants return home and report to their congregations, they need to discuss and assess the health and functionality of their youth and young adult groups and make sure they’re getting proper resources.”

Ellen Zemlin, a member of the Church of the Younger Fellowship, said “We support this responsive resolution with the recognition that it’s really a beginning in the work to revitalize and support youth and young adult ministry,” she said. “We, as young adults, feel that much more is needed. We are deeply frustrated. Peter Morales said we were the most disconnected generation. We don’t choose to be disconnected. Too many of us are not given the opportunity to connect with our congregations.”

A.J. Bennett of the UU Congregation of Fairfax, Va., agreed with Zemlin. “Our support of this resolution is that we’re not satisfied with the state of youth ministry. We recognize a persistent lack of follow-through,” he told the assembled delegates. “We have doubts about your follow-through. Prove us wrong.”

The resolution passed by an overwhelming majority.

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  1. Is the UU World going to print the text of these responsive resolutions? I see the text of the Youth Caucus Vision RepRes, but not for the others.

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