District presidents report on regionalization talks

John Sanders, president of the Northern New England District, and Mary Ellen Morgan, president of the Pacific Central District, told delegates in Sunday afternoon’s plenary about conversations that district boards and the UUA Board of Trustees are having about district governance. (For additional UU World background on this topic, see “UUA contemplates districts’ future,” 2.22.10, and “District leaders consider big changes to regional governance,” 6.23.10)

Sanders reported on three steps district boards will take in the next year: Each of the 19 district boards will repeat a process like the one at the June 23 District Presidents Association meeting in Minneapolis, and each district president will report on their boards’ responses at the DPA meeting in November; the boards in each district will meet with the boards from their region, and report back by the DPA meeting in June 2011; and each regional group will recommend people for a task force exploring next steps.

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