Rejected: Call for social witness process review

During the final plenary Sunday afternoon, delegates rejected a proposed responsive resolution that would have called on the Board of Trustees to to appoint a task force to review the way congregational Study/Action Issues and Actions of Immediate Witness are selected. The resolution also would have introduced ranked voting.

  • David_Keppel

    I think the problem with the resolution wasn't with what it was trying to do but with whom it charged with doing it. It would indeed be worth looking at the selection process for Study/ Action Issues and Actions of Immediate Witness. I opposed the resolution because it seemed to supplant the Commission on Social Witness, which is charged with reviewing its own methods. I am confident that the CSW will be giving this careful thought, and anyone with ideas can write to the CSW. Likewise, anyone can go to the Nominating Committee's page and find out how to apply for the next vacancy on the CSW. I think this commission is a group of (five) very talented and hard working UUs, and I feel we owe them warm thanks even while we may suggest ideas for improvement.

  • Jim Sanders

    Thank you David – you have a new and appreciative fan base this year.


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