Few respond to 2009 responsive resolution

UUA Secretary Tom Loughrey reported on the progress made on the responsive resolution on power, privilege, and oppression passed at the 2009 GA in Salt Lake City.

The resolution comes from a section of the proposed revision to Article II (which includes the UUA’s Principles and Purposes) that didn’t pass at last year’s General Assembly. It urges congregations to combat discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and ability. Congregations were charged with enacting the resolution and then reporting on their progress at the 2010 General Assembly.

Very few congregations responded to the charge, Loughrey said. However, he held up the work of the Metro New York district and the UU Church of Kent, Ohio, for their achievements.

The Metro New York district’s antiracism and diversity committee prepared extensive material for its congregations on the resolution including worship resources, music, discussion topics, and sample orders of service. Eleven congregations from the Metro New York district responded to the Assembly’s charge.

The Unitarian Unversalist Church of Kent, Ohio, installed an elevator in its 144-year-old-building to make their building universally accessible. They also installed a family bathroom for people who didn’t want to use a gender specific bathroom.

Loughrey said there was still plenty of time to respond to the charge. “Promises can still be fulfilled,” he said. “Our congregations can be shining examples to those marginalized, cast out, and discriminated against.”

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