Sad news: Murder-suicide among Transylvania Unitarians

The Rev. Harold Babcock spoke at the opening of Sunday morning’s plenary session to announce the tragic news of the murder of two children and the suicide of a Unitarian minister in Transylvania. He did not provide names of the victims, the minister, or the community. Babcock invited people who wished to gather in response to this news in Room 102D.

Update: The Rev. Eric Cherry provides more information in a statement of condolences he released Sunday afternoon.

6 Comments on “Sad news: Murder-suicide among Transylvania Unitarians

  1. The young minister was one of my students when I taught English in Transylvania — what a terrible loss, and how awful that his life seemed so hopeless that he ended it this way.

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  3. Scott, thank you so much for your message. I'm a Hungarian national and a member of the UU church in Lexington, KY. Our partner church is in Nyomát, and I helped prepare our pilgrimage group by teaching them Hungarian. I have translated the Transylvanian church's press release and the Bishop's pastoral letter into English. They are both posted under….