Al Franken: ‘You are my favorite kind of church’

Senator Al Franken stopped by the UUA General Assembly in Minneapolis on Sunday. The UUA has published video of his address to YouTube in two parts:

4 Comments on “Al Franken: ‘You are my favorite kind of church’

  1. Thank you, Senator Franken. Your talk touched my heart. We count on you to continue to “be just and good”! You certainly are MY kind of Senator! Carol D. , Akron, Ohio

  2. Thank you so much for posting! Al Franken's Dad sounds a lot like mine, who was a minister in a liberal Christian denomination in Canada – everyone loved him. Franken's beliefs and values seem very close to my own. Maybe The Road Less Travelled was right! Our beliefs reflect how we were parented. I hope my children are so lucky.

  3. thankyou, I've been needing to cry, to grieve a little, to remember the ones who have formed and molded me, this helped.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I always loved Al Franken and now I love him even more!