Blogs about pre-General Assembly ‘Ministry Days’

For more on the two-day “Ministry Days” conference of the UU Ministers Association, which meets just before the start of the UUA General Assembly, here are some recent blog posts:

  • Growing Grassroots Religious Movements“: The Rev. Naomi King reflects on UUA President Peter Morales’s remarks last night to the UUMA, in which he emphasized “the importance of deep and true spiritual life, the necessity of crossing borders, and of growing grassroots religious movements.” (City of Refuge, 6.22.11)
  • General Assembly: Ministry Days“: The Rev. Jeff Liebmann also responds to Morales’s address, paying particular attention to his use of the term “grassroots.” “For the most part, congregations are on their own to address this opportunity” to serve religious seekers, Liebmann writes. [“Grassroots” means] “that we should not expect a lot of help from the UUA in terms of funding or extensive staff support in order to expand programs and reach out to our communities. While I do not welcome the content of this message, I do accept its honesty.” (UUJeff’s Muse Kennel and Pizzatorium, 6.22.11)

On Twitter, meanwhile, several people are tweeting UUMA events. Check out especially “RevNaomi“and “YesYvonne.” “Joyomama” attended the UUMA’s 25/50 worship service and was struck by the gender transformation of the UU ministry between 1961 and 1986.


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