History in the banner parade

Banner parade

There was a bit of history in the banner parade Wednesday night. The banner of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Va., was carried by three generations of UUs, Erin, Dianna, and the Rev. David MacPherson, all of Ashland, Va.

Erin MacPherson, 19, is a seventh generation UU who is attending her third GA. A college student, this was her third time in a banner parade. “It was an especially great experience this time,” she said. Her grandfather, the Rev. David MacPherson, 82, is minister emeritus of the Richmond congregation.

Ordained 59 years ago, David MacPherson was present at the first GA in 1961 in Symphony Hall in Boston. “In the photo they always show from that event I can pick myself out,” he noted. “It was a very good beginning.”

He came out of the Universalist side. “I helped build the Silver Spring [Maryland] congregation in 1952 by banging on doors. I carried dog candy because some people would set their dogs on me.” MacPherson is here in part at this GA to promote his new book, Reclaiming Universal Salvation.;

His daughter, Dianna MacPherson, 45, loved the idea of carrying the banner with her daughter and father. “The parade was absolutely fantastic. My parents met at Ferry Beach [a UU camp in Maine] when they were 17. Mom has been gone for five years and so being able to share this with Dad has been incredible. It’s been a very hopeful, uplifting experience.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=579212957 Leslie MacPherson Artinian

    Yay Uncle David!!!! GO go go!!!u00a0

  • Anonymous

    These three incredibleu00a0individuals are a beautiful tribute to Unitarian Universalism.


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