More blogs about the first day of General Assembly

We’re following some of the online conversation about this year’s General Assembly. Here are a few blog posts about Wednesday’s events:

  • General Assembly Day 1: Unitarian Universalists of the Holy Spirit: The Rev. David Pyle reflects on the Opening Ceremony: “[W]hat struck me most about the service was how many times the word ‘Spirit’ came into the ceremony/celebration/worship service . . . First, it seemed completely appropriate in the context and to the occasion . . . and second that it might not have been so appropriate as recently as a decade ago.” (Celestial Lands, 6.22.11)
  • Day 1 of #uuaga recap: “Matt Kinsi” (a pseudonym) writes about the Opening Ceremony: “By far the highlight for me on day 1 was the part of the opening ceremony where the children, youth, and young adults got up there and talked about future.” (Spirituality and Sunflowers, 6.22.11)
  • GA 2011 Diary: Day 1: Zirconium says UU World‘s free pencils—made of recycled denim and available in the UUA Communications Department’s booth—are the “coolest freebie from the exhibit hall.” (Chrysanthemum, 6.23.11)
  • Living the Life at General Assembly: Kari Kopnik, a religious educator, reflects on Professional Days, the pre-GA conference of the Liberal Religious Educators Association: “[T]he most important thing I learned today? I am really lucky. Really super freaky lucky . . . [to] serve a congregation of well grounded beautiful people who have a wide experience with other UU congregations . . . with a wonderful partner in ministry.” (Chalice Spark, 6.22.11)
  • Blogging GA: Ministry Days: The Rev. Cynthia Landrum writes about the Rev. Dr. Deborah Pope-Lance’s Berry Street lecture on clergy misconduct: “The tension is our ministry is between those who believe it is always wrong for a minister to get involved with a member of his or her congregation, and those who say that if done carefully and openly, ministers can and have built successful marriages with members of their congregations, and for single ministers in isolated locations, it’s unreasonable for them not to be able to pursue romantic relationships within their congregation. Pope-Lance made it very clear that we need to take a hard line here.” (Rev. Cyn, 6.22.11)

Meanwhile, you can also follow the conversation on Twitter by tracking the #uuaga hashtag.


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