Commission will introduce four Actions of Immediate Witness

Saturday’s “CSW Alert,” the daily General Assembly social witness business update that delegates will receive as they enter the plenary hall Saturday morning, includes the text of four proposed Actions of Immediate Witness. The Commission on Social Witness could have brought additional proposed AIWs to the Saturday morning plenary, from which delegates could have voted to place up to six on Sunday’s plenary schedule, but these are the four the CSW has deemed eligible for inclusion. Mini-assemblies will be held for each Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:15 in the Convention Center rooms listed below:

  • AIW-1: Protest Rep. Peter King’s Hearings on Muslim “Radicalization” – Room 201 AB
  • AIW-2: Support Southern California Supermarket Workers’ Struggle for Decent Wages and Benefits – Room 202 AB
  • AIW-3: Toward Ending the U.S. Military Engagement in Afghanistan – Room 207 A
  • AIW-4: Oppose Citizens United – Support Free Speech for People – Room 207 BC

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