Approved: Rule update recognizing district’s new name

General Assembly delegates at the Saturday morning plenary session approved a proposed change to Rule G-13.2.1 “Establishing Districts.” The change recognizes the recent decision made by the former Thomas Jefferson District to change the district’s name to the Southeast District.

The only change to the current text will be the replacement of “Thomas Jefferson” with “Southeast.” The updated Rule will read:

(a) The districts shall be nineteen in number and named Ballou Channing, Central Midwest, Clara Barton, Florida, Heartland, Joseph Priestley, Massachusetts Bay, Metropolitan New York, Mountain Desert, Mid-South, Northern New England, Ohio Meadville, Pacific Central, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, Prairie Star, St. Lawrence, Southeast, and Southwestern.

The complete list of this year’s proposed bylaw amendments is available online as a PDF.

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