Blogs review Thursday, Friday events at General Assembly

UU blogs continued discussing the 2011 General Assembly. Here’s a sampling of commentary about Thursday and Friday’s events:

  • The Rev. Cynthia Landrum loved the changes introduced this year to the Service of the Living Tradition: “I can’t remember a better one, including those in which I got preliminary and final fellowship.” She also wished that GA programs for children were more UU-oriented: “I suppose this is not the primary goal of GA, to provide UU experiences for children, but it’s a wasted opportunity, if you ask me.” (Rev. Cyn, 6.23.11)
  • The Rev. David Pyle loved the Service of the Living Tradition, too: “The Rev.  Michael Schuler gave an amazing sermon (and pastoral diagnosis) on the conflicts, trials, and challenges our denomination has around ministerial authority,” which Pyle went on to explore. (Celestial Lands, 6.23.11)
  • The Rev. Jeff Liebmann wrote about being recognized as a new minister during the service: “There is simply no greater rush than singing Rank by Rank Again We Stand with thousands of Unitarian Universalists.” (UUJeff’s Muse Kennel and Pizzatorium, 6.24.11)
  • The Rev. Scott Wells, however, loathed the service: “Crass, and tacky. A poor representation for the ministry and a disservice to those whose lives were putatively honored.” (Boy in the Bands, 6.23.11)
  • The Rev. Naomi King saw a common theme in the workshops she attended on Thursday: “living into a bigger story.” (City of Refuge, 6.23.11)
  • Matt Kinsi loved the Rev. Dr. Galen Guengerich’s “Church of the New Millennium” workshop: “If you went to GA and have free access to everything recorded, GET THIS.  I can’t want for tomorrow’s part two.” (Spirituality and Sunflowers, 6.23.11)

On Twitter, meanwhile, AndyLC said, “Bring back the service of the living tradition processional! And it’s a worship service, not a sporting event.” ChipRoush liked the Service of the Living Tradition: “Cheering *and* respectful memorials–and 4000 singing!” Joyomama wrote: “The Guengerich lectures from #uuaga should be required viewing/reading for all UU leaders.”

Many people tweeted about the rain-soaked Standing on the Side of Love rally, including these wags:

If you really want an irreverent take on GA, meanwhile, there’s always @UUHULK.

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