Approved: References to obsolete staff groups removed

General Assembly delegates have voted to approve a bylaw change to Section 4.12 (UUA Statements of Conscience) of  Article IV. The amendment replaces the name of a now-nonexistent staff group with “UUA staff” to reflect the change and allow for future flexibility in staffing structures.

The updated bylaw text, in which bold indicates an insertion and brackets indicate a deletion, reads:

(ii) After one Congregational Study/Action Issue has been referred for study in accordance with (i) above, the UUA [Advocacy and Witness] staff shall conduct a workshop to discuss processes for study and action on the selected issue. By November 1 following the General Assembly, the UUA [Advocacy and Witness] staff shall have developed a resource guide pertaining to the Congregational Study/Action Issue selected by the General Assembly. The resource guide shall be made available and congregations notified of its availability.

The complete list of this year’s proposed bylaw amendments is available online as a PDF.

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