‘Going Green’ celebrated at GA

At General Assembly a year ago in Minneapolis a business resolution was passed that called on the member congregations of the UUA to make a special effort in the year to come to engage in the Association’s environmental justice initiatives and then report back on those efforts at GA 2011.

That report was the first item on Sunday morning’s plenary agenda. It was presented by Robin Nelson, program manager in Congregational Stewardship Services, Rowan Van Ness, UUA environmental justice program associate, and UUA President Peter Morales.

Morales said, “Environmentalism speaks to the very heart of Unitarian Universalism.” He noted the cornerstones of UUA environmental work are the Green Sanctuary program and the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth.

There are 279 congregations engaged in the Green Sanctuary program, he said. In addition the UUA just in the past year elevated  Nelson to be fulltime environmental stewardship manager, he said. “And we have more to do. We seek to engage all members.” He directed GA attendees to go online to the report Going Green Beyond Belief, at http://www.uua.org/president/goinggreen.


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