Resignations accompany planning for 2012 GA

Michelle Deakin reports today that the UUA Board of Trustees, the General Assembly Planning Committee, the board-appointed GA 2012 Accountability Group, and the UUA administration continue trying to clarify how next year’s “Justice General Assembly” in Phoenix will be planned. The chair and vice-chair of the General Assembly Planning Committee resigned at the conclusion of the 2011 GA; former chair Lynda Shannon wrote to the board, “I, personally, cannot continue to lead in the planning of the GA 2012 in this environment of board interference with the work of the GAPC.”

Moderator Gini Courter, who chairs the Board of Trustees, responded to criticism on a UUA email list: “Unitarian Universalist congregations are going to Phoenix for a Justice GA in 2012. On our borders human[s] are being treated inhumanely. People are dying. Children are dying. Families are being torn apart. We go to Phoenix because we believe that [we] may be able to help end this tragedy. Therefore, we should choose very carefully the issues that we allow to distract us from that purpose. We have an entire future where we can argue about governance, starting in July 2012.”

Read more at “Resignations raise flags around planning for Justice GA” (July 11, 2011).

  • Donald Wilson

    I usually don’t disagree much with Gini, but this time…u00a0nnIt’s not an either or situation here. It’s a YES AND situation. There is space to make Phoenix real. There is also space, or should be space, to say “The way we’re doing this is wrong”. If there ISN’T that space, then we aren’t engaging in faith work anymore, and it’s not the UUA going to Phoenix.u00a0nIf there isn’t that space, then we aren’t devoting enough of ourselves to this. nnIf devoting enough time to make space for theu00a0INSEPARABLEu00a0theology of social action AND Governance means the UUA Board members spend EVERY weekend together (physically or virtually) u00a0for the next 10 months, and the GAPC does the same, then SO BE IT. That’s what the GA told them to do. They may not have understood that, but they did.u00a0nIf a given Board, GAPC member, or Officer of the Association can’t commit to that, then they need to follow the GAPC members, and resign to make space for people who WILL.

  • daniel

    There has always been tension between the UUA board and the GAPC because the GAPC is elected directly by the GA– it is not beholden or reponsible to the UUA board. The GAPC takes as its mandate the feedback from GA attendees. The UUA board thinks it is supposed to lead and doesn’t like it when the GAPC acts independently of the board’s wishes. That’s my sense, anyway.


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