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UU World is monitoring social media about the 2012 General Assembly and curating them on our Storify page. Here are highlights from the the Opening Ceremony and nighttime rally, Wednesday, June 20:

Justice General Assembly is underway

Opening Ceremony, Banner Parade, and nighttime rally launch the 2012 General Assembly.

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The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Justice General Assembly included a celebratory Banner Parade, a sobering introduction to the history of the Doctrine of Discovery and the abuse of indigenous peoples, and words of welcome from the UUA’s partners in the fight for immigrant justice. A nighttime rally in nearby Heritage Square capped off the evening.
Here are selected tweets, photos, and blog posts about the Opening Ceremony and rally. 
Arizona congregations march in the Banner ParadeUU World
#uuaGA Banner Parade is the BEST! I love seeing all the beautiful banners and cheering faces from UU churches around the country! #fbKHP
This song + the banner parade makes it feel like we are marching into battle. #uuagaScott McNeill
Crying as I listen to the words of Shannon Rivers. So blessed to be a member of this commUNITY of amazing powerful people #uuagaCyndi Whitmore
Shannon Rivers welcomes GA to the territory of the Akimel O’othamUU World
#uuaga shannon rivers talking about his indigenous people at ga opening ceremony. We sit on land that once belonged to his people.Patricia Infante
When the Buddha was asked if he was a god, he replied, "I’m awake." We are all called to be awake. #UUAGALaura Randall
This is the most awesome opening ceremony I have ever been to. Brings tears to your eyes. #UUAGALewis Morris
Opening ceremony at #uuaga…Steve Newcomb-"What is the opposite of domination? It is spirit."Leslie Takahashi
Steve Newcomb introduces the history of the Doctrine of DiscoveryUU World
An old world was discovered, not a new world. #uuagaKathleen McGregor
"We are all the same, differently." Local Indigenous youth. #UUAGAJude Geiger
Thirty minutes behind schedule. I feel right at home. It’s just like con. #uuaga #gayouthcaucusNick Toomey
Plenary 1 – 2012 UUA General AssemblyUU World
Morales: ‘Amigos and Arizona, we’re back!’ : : General AssemblyTwo years ago, UUA President Peter Morales linked arms in the streets of Phoenix with other opponents of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB…
Not just our work in these 5 days will determine if Justice GA is a success, but our work in months and years to come. #uuagaAJ_Bennett
It is up to us to prove we weren’t wrong to come to Arizona @UUA @uuaGA #uuagaCarrie L Stewart
NDLON’s Pablo Avarado welcomes the UUA General AssemblyUU World
"We live in a country which enjoys the fruits of immigrant labor, but which refuses to acknowledge their humanity." Pablo Alvarado #UUAGAWendy L. Bell
"Yellow shirts have brightened immigration demonstrations across the country" – Pablo Alvarado #uuaga #GAyouthcaucusYouthCaucus at UUAGA
Plenary went long & for a few miserable minutes I thought no one would attend the witness scheduled after. Then they came. Hundreds. #uuagaKat Liu
Surrounded by thousands of UUs standing outside in the heat. @ we are not undocumented. We know who we are" #uuaga jansen
Moderator Gini Courter: "this is what love looks like" #UUAGA #witnessSideOfLoveCampaign
Pablo Avarado talks about upcoming Supreme Court decisionUU World
Pablo Alvarado of @ndlon: "we have diversity and love on our side." #UUAGA #witnessSideOfLoveCampaign
"Love is stronger than fear. Love is stronger than hate. Make no mistake, we will prevail." Welcome to Justice GA, friends. #uuaGAKHP
wishes she we even half as inspired by the "UUA" portion of the GA as she was by the people of Arizona. #uuaga #justice4azCyndi Whitmore
Just back from the first day of #uuaga and I must say that the turn out, energy, and emotion are amazing. It was truly inspiring.Jeremy Ritzmann

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