Planners describe process that brought GA to Phoenix

At the plenary session Friday morning, some of the people charged with planning this Justice GA described what that experience was like. In the beginning the question was “To go or not to go,” recalled Jackie Shanti, a UUA board member who described the debate at GA 2010 in Minneapolis whether to boycott Arizona.

“There was passionate debate, deep listening, deep breathing, and creative late night collaboration until a resolution was fashioned,” Shanti said.

One of the key members in planning this GA is the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, minister of the UU Congregation of Phoenix. She became cochair of the Arizona Immigration Ministry, formed in July 2011 to plan for this GA. Its work included making connections with local immigrant rights groups. She said AZIM will continue after GA and that it is creating a “tool kit” that congregations across the country can use in immigration work.

“This is personal for us,” Frederick-Gray said. “Inspired by our partners, we are invested in this issue. We will turn the tide from exploitation to human rights and from fear to love.”

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