Delegates pick reproductive justice as next CSAI


The Rev. Rob Keithan spoke in support of a "reproductive rights" CSAI (©Nancy Pierce)

The Rev. Rob Keithan, director of public policy for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, spoke in support of a “reproductive rights” Congregational Study/Action Issue during Friday’s plenary. (©Nancy Pierce)

The 2012 General Assembly chose a new four-year Congregational Study/Action Issue at Saturday’s plenary. For 2012–2016, congregations and the UUA will focus on “Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling.”

During Friday morning’s plenary, delegates heard from advocates of five proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues for 2012–2016 and cast paper ballots for the proposal they would most like the Unitarian Universalist Association to work on for the next four years.

No one of the proposals received a majority of votes, so delegates at Saturday’s plenary chose between the top two, “Reproductive Justice” (CSAI 3) and “Exploring Class Barriers” (CSAI 4).

The count on the Friday ballot vote was broken down into on-site and off-site votes; this year is the first year that off-site delegates’ votes are included in the final vote, based on changes to the bylaws:

Proposed CSAI On-site Vote Off-site Vote Total
CSAI 1 141 10 151
CSAI 2 56 6 62
CSAI 3 403 14 417
CSAI 4 277 19 296
CSAI 5 243 13 256

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