Live reports from religious witness at ‘Tent City’

UU World is monitoring social media about the 2012 General Assembly and curating them on our Storify page. Here are highlights from the religious witness at the Maricopa County “Tent City” jail on Saturday, June 23:

Religious witness against tent city

Unitarian Universalists, Arizona partners, and allies are conducting a nonviolent religious vigil outside the "tent city" county jail run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Worship before witness. The youth are both nervous and excited. Not sure what to expect but it should be interesting. #UUAGA #GAyouthcaucusEmma D-B
The yellow shirts are coming! We stand in the side of love. #GAyouthcaucus #uuaGA at UUAGA
#uuaga Protests aren’t play. Protests are prayers to God to help us heal a broken world. This is not about us, but about justice.Scott McNeill
Emma’s Revolution leading us in song before our vigil at Tent City. #uuaga #EmmasRevolution Randall
"My bones were chilled. They refused to give us a blanket because they said we messed with the wrong people." Inspiration #UUAGAJessica Edlinger
Coverage extends well beyond local Arizona media.
Rally set to protest Arpaio's Tent CityPHOENIX (AP) — More than 1000 critics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are expected to gather Saturday night for a rally to call for…
The worship to spiritually prepare for tonight’s religious witness has concluded, and people are being directed in groups to their buses.
About to depart to witness a detention camp here in the USA. See immigrant injustice, its in PHX but all around, too. #UuaGARalf W
On the way to vigil at tent city. #uuagaotenth
Not with the brave folks who are facing down hostile sheriffs and armed counter-protestors at Tent City. My thoughts are with them. #uuagaJosh Roby
A sea of yellow shirts heading to tent city! #uuaga Randall
Live video from occupyphoenix:
#occupyphoenixoccupyphoenix on Livestream. Official live feed from the occupation in Phoenix, Arizona at Cesar Chavez Plaza – Watch live streaming Inte…
“When I breathe in, I breathe in peace. When I breathe out, I breathe out love.” You can hear the first buses have arrived at tent city. The occupyphoenix stream is talking to UUs.
Group singing and dancing while waiting for the buses to Tent City. #UUAGA Randall
Activists protest SB 1070, Tent City JailActivists protest SB 1070, Tent City Jail in Phoenix, Even before a protest against alleged civil rights violations by the Maricopa Count…
Standing on the side of love. @UUSC #uuaga
A video I can’t figure out how to embed here:
Coming in to the vigil. #UUAGA
“Oh, this is beautiful,” says the guy on #occupyphoenix. The vigilers are singing.
Rally underway outside of the Sheriff’s Tent City jail to oppose his jail policiesCritics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gathered Saturday for a vigil and rally to protest Tent City, the outdoor complex of canvas…
“there are people in this prison who haven’t heard from their families in years. Sing so they can hear you.” #uuaga @UUSCSam
#uu #uuaga Live from Tent City: Candles in the air, singing "all around Phoenix, I’m gonna let it shine"UU World
Singing “we are marching in the light of God” at Tent City protest #uuaga #immigrationUUSC
There are so many people who want to go to tent city we might not all be able to fit on two fleets of busses or thespace allowed us at the site. Wow!Joan VanBecelaere
Those who remain behind also keep vigil. #uuagaAndrea Lerner
#uu #uuaga @uuprez Morales & delegation that toured Tent City have arrived at vigil stage; Emma’s revolution singing nowUU World
#uuaga #uu Matt Meyer announces from vigil stage: Got word that people in detention can hear us.UU World
#occupyphoenix estimated about 30 counter-protesters.
Thousands gather to protest Tent CityProtestors from religious groups across the country gathered to protest the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s Tent City facility Friday …
At the Tent City protest after touring Tent City. The inmates know we are here and it matters at #uuagaLeslie Takahashi
B. Lowe of @ndlon, "You all are a beautiful sight." #UUAGASideOfLoveCampaign
Proud to be a #UU at #UUAGA #StandingontheSideofLove P-S
#StandingontheSideofLove #uuagalizzster
Gorgeous singing, gorgeous candles: #UUAGA
Rev Susan F-G: we are going to create a new day for the US. #uuagaMeredith Garmon
Prayers and thoughts for those in Phoenix (UUA GA) | Seattleite From SyracuseThe sun is setting slowly here tonight. It’s nearly nine o’clock in Seattle and courtesy of the solstice, the sky is only beginning to ch…
Watching our folks bring cold water to the counter protestors. Yes! #uuagaEllen Carvill-Ziemer
At Tent City vigil #uuaga Hoke
UCC President Geoffrey Black on Tent City: This is a national disgrace… When you UUs come back, we are coming back with you. #uuaga #uuUU World
Black: "I urge you to find the allies. You found one in me and the UCC. When you come back, we’ll be with you!" #UUAGASideOfLoveCampaign
Pastor Warren Stewart of 1st Baptist Phoenix: we are with you in love, justice, and protest! #UUAGASideOfLoveCampaign
Live at Tent City: Baptist minister says animals in Maricopa Cty shelters never kept outside in heat like inmates in Tent City. #uu #uuagaUU World
Chants of "we are with you" rising up towards tent city. #uuagaMennonite Convention
Dulce Juarez tells her story, "I have over 20 years of experience living as an undocumented immigrant." #UUAGA
#uu #uuaga At Tent City vigil, speaker says fear looks like a woman afraid to buy medicine at CVS because Ariz requires ID #SB1070UU World
“@SideofLove: Juarez: "Tonight I stand for love and love stands for me." #UUAGA #altoarizona #tentcity” #GAyouthcaucusYouthCaucus at UUAGA
The unitarian universalist conference standing on the side of love! #uuaGA Divestment
Pablo Avarado at Tent City vigil invites crowd to put out candles, then relight, hold them high, commit to fight Arpaios at home #uuagaUU World
#uu #uuaga @UUSC Pres Bill Schulz at Tent City vigil: 122 people died in detention in the US last year w/o having been convicted of a crimeUU World
We are hearing the reading of the 122 names who have died in these detention centers, never having been tried for a crime. #UUAGA #tentcityJude Geiger
“We who believe in freedom cannot rest” being sung at tent city.
People in the convention center are preparing to welcome back the first returning buses.
The sight of thousands of candles in the dark desert is breathtaking. #uuagaLaura Randall
Activists protest SB 1070, Tent City Jail in PhoenixEven before a protest against alleged civil rights violations by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office had begun Saturday night, dozens of…
Joe Arpaio must go #standingonthesideoflove #uuagalizzster
One light among thousands. Together we make the invisible, visible. #uuaga Randall
Rev. Diane Dowgiert of Tucson delivers benediction at Tent City vigil; crowd begins organizing into bus lines for return to downtown #uuagaUU World
Go in peace. Go in love. Amen. #uuaGAUUsan
Huge thanks to the @occupyphoenix folk for livestreaming the #uuaga witness this evening.Matt Kinsi
Now with video report:
Several thousand protest Arpaio’s Tent CityPHOENIX (AP) — Several thousand critics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gathered for a rally on Saturday night to call for the clo…

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