Courter: Justice GA has transformed future GAs

UUA Moderator Gini Courter (©Nancy Pierce)

UUA Moderator Gini Courter delivered her annual report to the General Assembly on June 24. (©Nancy Pierce)

In her moderator’s report at the last Plenary of the Justice General Assembly, Gini Courter spoke of transformation. “All over the county UUs expect transformation,” she said. Personal transformation and societal transformation.

After Justice GA, General Assembly has been transformed, Courter said. She invited UUs in Plenary to note how they were changed at this year’s GA, and then to share it with the person beside them.

“The Rev. Dr. Bill Jones said, ‘Once you are aware of historic oppression, from that point forward, you are either condoning it or you are ending it.’”

“Now that we know we can do this, we have no excuse,” Courter said. “We are capable of putting Unitarian Universalism on the road to a different future, to answer questions like, Are we going to be reactive or prophetic?”

Courter said she was not surprised by the ability of UUs to have a successful Justice GA. And she said she was not surprised by the generosity. At the Service of the Living Tradition, the collection for ministers’ funds totaled $63,800.  A collection for the Arizona Immigration Ministry totaled $64,800.  The collection at the Sunday morning worship service for the partner groups in Arizona totaled $61,800.

In closing, Courter reminded delegates that at the 2013 GA, there will be a vote for a new UUA moderator as her term comes to end. She said she was surprised at the paltry attendance at the candidates’ forum, where about 200 people were in the hall to see Jim Key and Tamara Payne-Alex speak about their qualifications for the UUA highest volunteer position. She urged delegates to watch the forum online and share it with members of their congregations.

She ended with a benediction by minister and poet, the Rev. Nancy Rev. Shaffer, who died earlier this month. Courter asked people in the hall to join hands as she read Shaffer’s words:

“The work of our faith is the rearranging of this world toward justice, so that bounty is shared and no one is left out. The work of our faith is the making manifest of relationship, so that parts and whole are known as one; and good is uncovered and sustained. The work of our faith is the naming of the holy—by all its many names: Life that cares, Life that enlarges life, Life that holds us even when we cannot see it, even when we do not yet know it. Rearranging, making manifest, naming the Holy: this is the work of our faith. Gladly we enter it again and again and again.”

Delegates gave Courter a standing ovation.

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