GA repudiates Doctrine of Discovery

Youth Caucus speaks in favor of repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery (©Nancy Pierce)

Youth Caucus speaks in favor of repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery (©Nancy Pierce)

The General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Sunday afternoon to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery. The doctrine is the premise that European Christian explorers who “discovered” other lands had the authority to claim those lands and subdue, even enslave, peoples who lived there simply because they were not Christian.

Local groups that the UUA is working with in Arizona have said that understanding the doctrine is necessary to truly understand the issue of migration.

The resolution calls on the association and its congregations to review their own “contemporary policies, programs, theologies, and structures” for any evidence of the doctrine. In addition it requires the UUA to call on the U.S. government to fully implement the standards of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In debate on the doctrine a number of congregational representatives advocated unsuccessfully for delay of consideration of the measure, arguing that congregations had not had enough time to consider it.

  • Diana Lowe Ely

    I appreciate greatly your doing this. Thank you.
    Diana Ely

  • Tupak Huehuecoyotl

    TONATIERRA and los Comités de Defensa del Barrio commend this action by the National Universal Unitarian Congregations in Justice Assembly in Phoenix and stand ready to take the next steps together. NOW we can finally BEGIN to discuss the “IMMIGRATION” issues of Abya Yala [the Americas} in the context of our shared responsibilities as children of the Nations and Pueblos of Mother Earth. The Anomaly of Histories: the Legend of Truth and the Doctrines of Power!


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