3,714 people came to Justice GA

Young UUs played in a fountain during Friday night's community celebration (©Nancy Pierce)

Young UUs played in a fountain during Friday night’s community celebration (©Nancy Pierce)

The 2012 Justice General Assembly drew 3,714 people, according to UUA Secretary Tom Loughrey’s final credentials report in the closing plenary on June 24. The total included 1,359 congregational delegates from 530 congregations in all fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia, 333 ministerial delegates, and 3 certified religious educators with delegate status. (Three delegates representing the UUA’s two associate members, the UU Service Committee and the UU Women’s Federation, and 25 delegates serving as UUA trustees also attended.)

With 301 youth registered this year, almost twice as many youth came to GA this year as have come to GA in any year since 2007.

For the first time this year, votes cast by off-site delegates were counted and included in all General Assembly votes. Seventy-two off-site congregational delegates and 13 off-site ministerial delegates, representing 56 congregations in 22 states, registered for GA this year.

  • Joe Wolfarth

    I was truly moved to see so many youth at the Phoenix “Justice GA…” Numerous people (like a member of my Reflection Group, Tasha, a Youth Coordinator from the Dallas, Texas, area) told me of teens who attended GA 2012 because they want to make real change in the fabric of their home communities, and this was a perfect opportunity to take a stand for Social Justice in a way that would have lasting effects… I myself have attended GA 4 times, beginning in 2008, so I had never seen so many youth and young adult UUs in attendance. In the Young Adult Worship Service I was moved beyond description by the beautiful spirit of these impassioned young people! And also by the many persons who had Never before been to GA who decided that THIS YEAR, in the name of JUSTICE, it was TIME! It has been a financial challenge for me to attend GA every time that I have done so, and on behalf of those who struggle with me to make the dream of attending a reality as well as those completely unable to attend (my story in 2009) due to financial matters, I want to express gratitude to the people responsible for creating the opportunity for off-site delegates to cast votes representing the needs and wishes of their home congregations. – Joe Wolfarth, Community Unitarian Universalist Church, New Smyrna Beach, Florida


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