Delegates donate $16k to New Orleans congregations

© 2013 Nancy Pierce/UUA

© 2013 Nancy Pierce/UUA

In Plenary Friday afternoon, a special collection raised $16,994 for the three New Orleans-area congregations, still recovering from the damage of Hurricane Katrina and broken levees in 2005.

“As an association, we have made a promise to New Orleans to walk with members of our family and faith” in the difficult process of rebuilding, said the Rev. Erik David Carlson. Minster of the UU Church of Stockton, Ill., and a member of the UUA board of trustees, he served as an intern minister in New Orleans. “This collection is another important step in reaffirming our promises,” he said.

The Rev. Jim VanderWeele, minister of Community Church UU in New Orleans, thanked people in advance for their assistance in the lengthy – and unexpected – rebuilding process.

The Rev. Deanna Vandiver, community minister and executive director of the Center for Ethics and Social Justice Renewal, a joint program of the three congregations, thanked people for taking part in healing the world through their contributions.

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