WaterFire, and a wedding, cap off Saturday GA celebrations

The UUA sponsored WaterFire Providence, a public art festival, as an opportunity to reach out in love, June 28.
© Nancy Pierce/UUA.

Tens of thousands of people joined in with Unitarians Universalists at the dramatic WaterFire event on Saturday night in downtown Providence, R.I., the public witness event at this year’s General Assembly. As night fell, Unitarian Universalists in their bright yellow Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts were easy to spot in the enormous crowds […]

Sister Simone Campbell to UUs: Walk towards trouble

UUA General Assembly  2014

Sister Simone Campbell wants UUs to “walk towards trouble.” The national coordinator of NETWORK (a National Catholic Social Change Lobby) well-known for her advocacy work on issues of peace-building, immigration reform, healthcare, and economic justice, as well as her Nuns on the Bus tour, presented the 2014 General Assembly Ware Lecture Saturday evening at the […]

Witnessing to the power of love

UUA Moderator Jim Key and President Peter Morales lit torches outside the convention center before carrying them to the river for the start of WaterFire. 

©Nancy Pierce/UUA.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is sponsoring tonight’s WaterFire Providence art festival under the theme “Love Reaches Out,” honoring our belief that love is justice and witnessing for the power of love to change the world in radical, faithful ways.

UUA divests from fossil fuels

General Session VI Debate and vote on Divestment. Cindy Davidson, board member of UU Ministry for Earth © Nancy Pierce/UUA.

On Saturday afternoon General Assembly delegates overwhelmingly approved divesting the Unitarian Universalist Association of most of its investments in companies that produce or process fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal. The vote was held after the required 30 minutes of debate, during which speakers were divided nearly evenly among supporters and opponents. Opponents […]

Delegates discuss making GA more inclusive

Donna Harrison, Vice Moderator of the UUA Board of Trustees. © Nancy Pierce/UUA

Should the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association be free to everyone? Should it be held every other year? Is its purpose for governance, networking, theological discussion, community—all of these? In short, how can GA be more democratic and reflect more fully the range of voices that Unitarian Universalism includes—including groups that are currently […]

Military chaplain offers tools for UU ruck sack

The Rev. Rebekah Montgomery

An energetic crowd filled Providence’s Dunkin’ Donuts Center Friday night to celebrate and honor Unitarian Universalist religious professionals at the annual Service of the Living Tradition. In her sermon at the event, the Rev. Rebekah A. Montgomery, a U.S. Army Reserve chaplain, called UUs to reach out to the “Other” and offered tools for packing […]

Fossil fuel divestment passes first test

The hottest topic at General Assembly––whether the UUA should divest itself of investments in major producers and processors of fossil fuel, and invest in clean energy technologies––sailed through a miniassembly Friday evening without amendments, clearing the way for it to be voted on by the full delegate body Saturday afternoon. The divestment resolution had been […]

UUs rappel down convention center at GA

President Peter Morales rappels down Convention Center

Would you hurl yourself off a downtown high-rise for the Unitarian Universalist Association? Eighty UUs did just that on Friday, raising over $500,000 by overcoming any fear of heights to rappel 110 feet down the side of the Rhode Island Convention Center in the “Brave Souls” fundraiser, one of the most widely anticipated events of […]

Friday: Apology for misconduct; board discusses deficit

The Rev. Sarah Stewart, Finance Committee chair

Highlights of Friday morning’s General Session include a video of the UUA staff’s move this spring to a new headquarters, a report and official apology concerning the UUA’s handling of complaints about clergy misconduct, and the Board of Trustee’s statement about a year-end $1.35 million deficit in the UUA budget.

Presidential Search Committee takes a spin in public

The UUA’s new Presidential Search Committee is getting a once-over from GA participants this week. The committee, which was authorized by GA delegates in 2010 but only began its work last fall, is charged with coming up with two or more names of people who will run for the office of UUA president when that […]

GA 2014 opens with tribute to Pete Seeger

UUA General Assembly  2014 - Opening, banner parade, worship

With the colorful congregational banner parade led by Officer Tony Lepore, the famous dancing traffic cop of Providence, R.I., the 53rd General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association kicked off Wednesday night to a joyous crowd of several thousand at the Rhode Island Convention Center. With a musical tribute by Emma’s Revolution to beloved UU, […]

53rd General Assembly is underway

UUA General Assembly  2014 - Opening, banner parade, worship

People are sharing their experience of the UUA’s 53rd General Assembly through social media. Here are selected tweets and photos from the Opening Celebration in Providence, R.I.

$1.3 million deficit surprises UUA administration, board

Tim Brennan describes deficit, June 24, 2014 (Nancy Pierce/UUA)

The Unitarian Universalist Association will end the fiscal year on June 30 with an unexpected $1.3 million deficit. The Board of Trustees met with the UUA administration this afternoon, June 24, to ask how they had all been taken by surprise by a drop in revenue from major gifts to the UUA’s $24 million operating […]

Follow the 2014 General Assembly with UU World

Bonfires are lit in the rivers that converge in Providence, R.I., as part of the city’s WaterFire festival; the UUA will cosponsor the June 28 WaterFire as its public witness event during the 2014 General Assembly (cc 2009 Liz West).

This week thousands of Unitarian Universalists will gather in Providence, R.I., for the 53rd General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Follow news and major events at GA with UU World. We’ll publish stories and photos on our dedicated GA blog, with immediate updates on our Twitter feed, @uuworld. (The General Assembly hashtag is #uuaga.) […]


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