• The UUA sponsored WaterFire Providence, a public art festival, as an opportunity to reach out in love, June 28.
© Nancy Pierce/UUA.

    WaterFire, and a wedding, cap off Saturday GA celebrations

    Sunday, June 29, 2014

    Tens of thousands of people joined in with Unitarians Universalists at the dramatic WaterFire event on Saturday night in downtown Providence, R.I., the public witness event at this year’s General Assembly. As night fell, Unitarian Universalists in their bright yellow Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts were easy to spot in the enormous crowds […]

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  • UUA General Assembly  2014

    Sister Simone Campbell to UUs: Walk towards trouble

    Sunday, June 29, 2014

    Sister Simone Campbell wants UUs to “walk towards trouble.” The national coordinator of NETWORK (a National Catholic Social Change Lobby) well-known for her advocacy work on issues of peace-building, immigration reform, healthcare, and economic justice, as well as her Nuns on the Bus tour, presented the 2014 General Assembly Ware Lecture Saturday evening at the […]

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  • General Session VI Debate and vote on Divestment. Cindy Davidson, board member of UU Ministry for Earth © Nancy Pierce/UUA.

    UUA divests from fossil fuels

    Saturday, June 28, 2014

    On Saturday afternoon General Assembly delegates overwhelmingly approved divesting the Unitarian Universalist Association of most of its investments in companies that produce or process fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal. The vote was held after the required 30 minutes of debate, during which speakers were divided nearly evenly among supporters and opponents. Opponents […]

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  • President Peter Morales rappels down Convention Center

    UUs rappel down convention center at GA

    Friday, June 27, 2014

    Would you hurl yourself off a downtown high-rise for the Unitarian Universalist Association? Eighty UUs did just that on Friday, raising over $500,000 by overcoming any fear of heights to rappel 110 feet down the side of the Rhode Island Convention Center in the “Brave Souls” fundraiser, one of the most widely anticipated events of […]

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Top Story

Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel urges interfaith involvement

Author Eboo Patel presented the Ware Lecture at GA Friday evening. Patel is the author of Acts of Faith, published by Beacon Press. The book is the UUA 2011-12 Common Read. Patel is also founder and executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core, an international, nonprofit youth service leadership organization. He spoke at GA in […]

Tamara Payne-Alex and Jim Key. © 2013 Nancy Pierce/UUA

Candidates make final appeal in moderator race

In their final appearance together before the election on Saturday that will make one of them the next moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association, Jim Key and Tamara Payne-Alex drew distinctions between their backgrounds and approaches to governance. Thursday night’s Candidates Forum began in front of a small crowd but eventually attracted several hundred delegates. […]

GA Tweetchat

General Assembly imagines its future, on Twitter!

During plenary on the afternoon of Friday, June 21, delegates are meeting in small groups to discuss three questions about General Assembly, and members of each group are posting their responses using Twitter:

1. If you could not attend General Assembly, describe the person from your congregation who ought to attend. Why?
2. What do you love best about General Assembly?
3. For the future of our faith, what is the one thing General Assembly should stop doing?

District board wants to delay its business resolution

A small group of General Assembly delegates met Friday afternoon to discuss a proposed change to bylaw section C-3.1 on Member Congregations. Nathan Hollister, a member of the Southeast District board, the group that initially brought the proposed amendment to General Assembly, started the miniassembly off by announcing that the board had since decided that […]

GA delegates vote

Assembly adopts immigration Statement of Conscience

Delegates to the 2013 General Assembly adopted overwhelmingly a Statement of Conscience regarding “Immigration as a Moral Issue” Friday morning. The statement, introduced to the delegates by Susan Goekler, chair of the Commission on Social Witness (CSW), has been several years in the making. In 2010, delegates voted that Immigration as a Moral Issue should […]

Commission on Appraisal report explores authority

The UUA’s Commission on Appraisal presented a new report to the General Assembly on Friday. The report, “Who’s in Charge Here?” investigated “the complex relationship between ministry and authority,” commission member the Rev. Erika Baron told the GA. She said the study asked questions such as the following: “’How do professional clergy or lay people […]


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