Passed: fossil fuel divestment AIW


General Assembly delegates voted overwhelmingly Sunday afternoon to adopt the Action of Immediate Witness “Consider Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry,” which calls for delegates to “begin a denomination-wide conversation within their congregations about divesting from fossil fuels or exercising shareholder influence.” During debate on the plenary floor, those at the “con” microphone primarily focused […]

Delegates oppose institutional racism with AIW


GA delegates voted overwhelmingly Sunday afternoon for an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) that condemns racist mistreatment of young people of color by police. The AIW grew out of an appearance at General Assembly a year ago of Michelle Alexander, whose book, “The New Jim Crow” explored the extent to which people of color are […]

Three proposed AIWs added to 2013 agenda


Delegates narrowed down the six proposed Actions of Immediate Witness to three, and voted them onto Sunday’s agenda. The UUA’s bylaws only allow a General Assembly to adopt up to three AIWs, which the Commission on Social Witness introduced in this order: AIW C: “Support the Proposed 28th ‘We the People’ Amendment to the Constitution: […]

Final texts: 2011 Actions of Immediate Witness

The three Actions of Immediate Witness adopted by the 2011 General Assembly were published on the UUA website two weeks ago, but I forgot to provide direct links at the time. Here are the social witness resolutions by petition that delegates approved in Charlotte: Protest Representative Peter King’s Hearings on “Muslim Radicalization” (blog coverage) Support […]

No substantial changes to AIW bylaw amendments yet

The two proposed bylaw amendments that would affect Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) came out of the mini-assembly on Thursday afternoon without substantial changes, according to Greg Boyd, who moderated the mini-assembly session at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Charlotte, N.C. The proposed bylaw amendments concerning AIWs will both come before General Assembly […]

Board members urge ‘yes’ votes for bylaw amendments

The Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees delivered its report to the General Assembly on Saturday morning, updating delegates on its yearlong efforts to improve linakage with congregations and urging them to vote to reduce the size of the board and eliminate Actions of Immediate Witness at next year’s GA. They also encouraged attendance at the Justice GA […]

Final texts of GA resolutions now available

Here are the final texts of the Actions of Immediate Witness, business resolutions, and responsive resolutions adopted by the UUA’s 2010 General Assembly. Actions of Immediate Witness Clean Up the Clean Energy Bill Gulf Coast Environmental and Economic Justice 2010 Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures at the State Level (Arizona Law SB 1070 and the Like) and […]

Board meeting: Significant changes ahead for GA resolutions

The UUA board held its traditional post-General Assembly meeting on Monday morning, June 28. They conducted an informal evaluation of the board’s General Assembly workshops; discussed the possibility of reevaluating Responsive Resolutions and Actions of Immediate Witness; approved the Panel on Theological Education’s budget; revised a board policy to include the establishment of a site […]

AIW approved: ‘Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures’

Delegates adopted Action of Immediate Witness 1, “Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures at the State Level (Arizona Law SB 1070 and the Like) and Hasten Federal Immigration Reform,” after adjusting a line that had urged joining “tourism and product boycotts of Arizona.” As amended, the resolution recommends applying “such economic pressure to the state as is specifically […]

Five Actions of Immediate Witness added to agenda

The General Assembly is running about an hour behind schedule, and Moderator Gini Courter is urging delegates to be selective in how much business they’ll postpone to later spots on already full plenary agenda. The Commission on Social Witness introduced five proposed Actions of Immediate Witness, which are timely public witness resolutions brought to the […]


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