Recommitting to antiracism, thanking Gini Courter

Responsive resolution presentation

Delegates introduced two responsive resolutions during Sunday’s final plenary recommitting the Unitarian Universalist Association to antiracism, anti-oppression, and multicultural work, and thanking Gini Courter for her years as moderator. The first responsive resolution was read from the floor and appeared on screen, and was endorsed heartily by the delegates:

Moderator’s report: ‘All of us working together’

“We have a very clear vision of Unitarian Universalism,” said UUA Moderator Gini Courter, “and it comes up from the people.” Courter was delivering her eighth report as the moderator of the UUA, during the final plenary session of the 2011 General Assembly on Sunday afternoon. Courter outlined the three main polities, or ways religious […]

Workshop: ‘Difficult to be a UU and a person of color’

“It is difficult to be a UU and a person of color,” said Gregory Boyd, panelist at the “Views from the Pews” workshop on race and Unitarian Universalism. This sentiment was echoed by the rest of the panelists and by many of the attendees who offered comments during the Friday workshop at the 2011 General […]

Tim Wise: ‘Diversity doesn’t create equity’

“Life is the thing that allows us to struggle for justice,” prominent antiracist activist and educator Tim Wise told a room of several hundred General Assembly attendees Thursday afternoon. “[It] allows us to seek out for ourselves and for others a measure of our own humanity, a humanity that is actively in the process of […]


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