Passed: Youth Caucus vision of 2012 General Assembly

In the scramble to wrap up our coverage of the 2010 General Assembly, UU World published reports on three of the four proposed Responsive Resolutions presented during Sunday afternoon’s final plenary, but didn’t publish a report on the fourth. Here it is: Delegates affirmed a Responsive Resolution concerning the 2012 General Assembly in Phoenix, Ariz., […]

Delegates focus debate on substitute resolution

As delegates to the 2010 General Assembly debate a business resolution about meeting in Arizona in 2012, they have rejected a proposal to return to the original resolution as introduced by the Board of Trustees. Instead, they are keeping the debate focused on the substitute resolution developed in two mini-assemblies over the last two days. […]

Preparing for debate: ‘We’re all Arizona’

“We are all Arizona,” said the Rev. Victoria Safford, minister of White Bear UU Church in Mahotmedi, Minn., at Saturday afternoon’s plenary session, “and this is not about Arizona. It is about fear.” Safford was prefacing a debate about whether to boycott Phoenix as the site of the 2012 General Assembly, which is dominating the […]

Revised resolution on Phoenix General Assembly 2012

Here is the amended business resolution about the 2012 General Assembly in Arizona, which delegates will debate and vote on later this afternoon: Whereas the state of Arizona has recently enacted a law—SB 1070—that runs counter to our First Principle, affirming the worth and dignity of every person; and Whereas we have been invited to […]

Mini-assembly: Focus GA in Ariz. on justice, not business

A transformed UUA General Assembly will be held in Phoenix, Ariz., in 2012, if delegates embrace the latest version of a business resolution drafted in response to Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law SB 1070. The latest version was hammered out in a mini-assembly Friday afternoon. Preliminary work was done to merge two amendments that came out […]

Financial Advisor: We can afford to take on immigration

In his report to the General Assembly in Friday’s plenary session, UUA Financial Advisor Dan Brody addressed the potential financial impact of challenging Arizona’s SB 1070. Delegates will vote Saturday afternoon on a business resolution that calls for the withdrawal of the 2012 UUA General Assembly from Phoenix and for congregations to raise funds to […]

Mini-assembly proposes going to Ariz. in 2012

There was surprising consensus at Thursday afternoon’s crowded mini-assembly about whether to boycott Phoenix as the site of the 2012 General Assembly: The vast majority of speakers favored going to Phoenix, but the mini-assembly was divided about whether to conduct General Assembly business while there. The group voted to work on two amendments that would […]

UUA board, president seek common ground on Ariz.

The pre-GA meeting of the UUA Board of Trustees in Minneapolis started off with a tense and sometimes emotional discussion about the nature of the relationship between the board and UUA President Peter Morales. At its Tuesday, June 22, meeting, the board noted that after it had placed a business resolution on the agenda of this […]


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