Delegates approve Article II bylaw changes


GA delegates voted Saturday afternoon on changes to Article II—the Principles and Purposes––of the UUA bylaws. Delegates authorized changing Section C-2.3, the paragraph titled “Non-discrimination.” The change deletes that paragraph, replacing it with a paragraph titled “Inclusion.” The new language is as follows: We strive to be an association of congregations that truly welcome all […]

Delegates approve bylaw changes about electronic voting

GA delegates voted Saturday afternoon to approve a series of bylaw changes to include language to support voting by secure, electronic ballots in UUA elections. The changes were to Section 9.10 (Conduct of Elections at Large), Rule G-9.13.4 (Absentee Ballots), and Rule G-9.13.5 (Balloting at General Assembly).

Delegates approve bylaw changes adding regions

In the first year of a two-year process, delegates approved changes to the UUA’s “C” bylaws that introduce a new intermediary structure between congregations, districts, and the Association. The current bylaws define geographic districts, but several districts have started working together as multi-district regions. Delegates voted to amend four parts of the C bylaws to […]

GA finalizes several bylaw amendments without debate

Delegates vote (©Nancy Pierce)

Delegates to the 2012 General Assembly almost unanimously approved several amendments to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s bylaws without debate at Sunday’s plenary. All three amendments required approval by two consecutive General Assemblies and had been endorsed by the 2011 General Assembly. The first amendment removed “associate ministers,” an obsolete category of ministry, from the bylaws, […]

Delegates discuss Article XV amendment, congregations

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At a business mini-assembly Thursday afternoon, General Assembly delegates examined a proposed bylaw change to Article XV of the UUA bylaws, which dictates the procedure for amending other bylaws. UUA Financial Advisor Dan Brody said the goal of the amendment was to provide a “clearer, more understandable process for amending the articles” and “one that would […]

Approved: Amendment to update Ministerial Fellowship Committee Rules

GA delegates voted Sunday afternoon without debate to approve a bylaw change to Sections 4.8 of Article IV and C-10.9 of Article X. These changes reflect new Ministerial Fellowship Committee Rules that eliminated the category of “Associate Ministerial Fellowship.”

Approved: Amendments pertaining to RE Credentialing Committee

Delegates at Sunday morning’s plenary session approved a series of bylaw changes that clarify the procedures for the Religious Education Credentialing Committee in either revoking or suspending the credentialed status of a religious educator, as well as several other minor administrative changes.

Approved: References to obsolete staff groups removed

General Assembly delegates have voted to approve a bylaw change to Section 4.12 (UUA Statements of Conscience) of  Article IV. The amendment replaces the name of a now-nonexistent staff group with “UUA staff” to reflect the change and allow for future flexibility in staffing structures.

GA swiftly adopts Article XV amendments

General Assembly delegates voted overwhelmingly and without debate to pass a bylaw change to Article XV of the UUA bylaws, which dictates the procedure for amending other bylaws. Moderator Gini Courter called for a vote after no delegates appeared to speak at the con microphone.

Assembly reduces length of Nominating Committee terms

Delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly voted Saturday to change the terms of the Nominating Committee from one six-year term to two three-year terms. The motion overwhelmingly passed after 20 minutes of debate.

Delegates reduce size of UUA board

General Assembly delegates voted today to reduce the size of the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees from 26 members to 14. The bylaw amendment also ends the election of trustees by district. All trustees will be elected to “at large” positions. Terms will be reduced from four-year to three-year terms. After a half hour […]

Approved: Amendment affecting Ministerial Fellowship Committee

Delegates have overwhelmingly approved an amendment to Article VII, section 7.6 (Ministerial Fellowship Committee). The amendment modifies the conditions for appointment to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, allows for more than 14 members, and removes the obligation to have members of the Board of Trustees on the committee. Allowing the committee to have more than 14 […]

Approved: Rule update recognizing district’s new name

General Assembly delegates at the Saturday morning plenary session approved a proposed change to Rule G-13.2.1 “Establishing Districts.” The change recognizes the recent decision made by the former Thomas Jefferson District to change the district’s name to the Southeast District. The only change to the current text will be the replacement of “Thomas Jefferson” with […]

Amendment to board restructuring bylaw passes in Mini-Assembly

A vocal group of delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly met in a Mini-Assembly Thursday afternoon to discuss a proposed bylaw amendment that would shrink the size of the UUA board to 14 people from the current 26 (PDF; pages 22-28 in the Business Agenda). Delegates spoke both for and against the amendment, which […]

Passed: Remaining bylaw amendments

In quick succession at the end of Sunday’s first plenary session, delegates approved three bylaw or rule amendments that had been postponed from earlier in the GA agenda. The General Assembly approved amendments that: removed “continental” references in the sections of the UUA bylaws and rules relating to the General Assembly social witness process; authorized […]

Amending rules and bylaws about setting GA agenda

In Saturday morning’s plenary, delegates approved a body of amendments to the UUA bylaws and rules that formally transfer authority for setting the General Assembly business agenda from the GA Planning Committee to the Board of Trustees.

Mini-assembly offers changes to elections reform

At Friday afternoon’s mini-assembly on proposed changes to the elections process for the UUA president and moderator, delegates recommended several amendments. A substantial amendment offered by the Board of Trustees explicitly lays out the transition from the current system—which allows a president or moderator to serve for two four-year terms—to the new system of single […]

Responsive resolutions on Article II, Article XV, and African visas

The final texts of the responsive resolutions adopted by the UUA General Assembly during the final plenary session June 28 are now online: “Responsive Resolutions on Inclusion: Two resolutions introduced by members of Allies for Racial Equity endorsed the “Inclusion” section of the Commission on Appraisal’s proposed revision of Article II (the “Principles and Purposes”), […]

Amendment to Article II fails

By a very close vote, the motion to amend Article II of the UUA Bylaws has failed. The final vote was 573 for and 586 against.

Tellers are counting votes on Article II revision

After more than an hour of debate about the Commission on Appraisal’s proposed revision to Article II of the UUA Bylaws, Moderator Gini Courter has called for a counted vote on the question. Tellers are counting the pro votes, and will begin counting con votes. The arguments largely tracked the discussion at last night’s miniassembly. […]


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