Delegates approve bylaw changes adding regions

In the first year of a two-year process, delegates approved changes to the UUA’s “C” bylaws that introduce a new intermediary structure between congregations, districts, and the Association. The current bylaws define geographic districts, but several districts have started working together as multi-district regions. Delegates voted to amend four parts of the C bylaws to […]

Approved: Rule update recognizing district’s new name

General Assembly delegates at the Saturday morning plenary session approved a proposed change to Rule G-13.2.1 “Establishing Districts.” The change recognizes the recent decision made by the former Thomas Jefferson District to change the district’s name to the Southeast District. The only change to the current text will be the replacement of “Thomas Jefferson” with […]

Amendment to board restructuring bylaw passes in Mini-Assembly

A vocal group of delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly met in a Mini-Assembly Thursday afternoon to discuss a proposed bylaw amendment that would shrink the size of the UUA board to 14 people from the current 26 (PDF; pages 22-28 in the Business Agenda). Delegates spoke both for and against the amendment, which […]

District presidents report on regionalization talks

John Sanders, president of the Northern New England District, and Mary Ellen Morgan, president of the Pacific Central District, told delegates in Sunday afternoon’s plenary about conversations that district boards and the UUA Board of Trustees are having about district governance. (For additional UU World background on this topic, see “UUA contemplates districts’ future,” 2.22.10, […]

District leaders consider big changes to regional governance

Leaders of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s nineteen districts met today with members of the UUA Board of Trustees to discuss the districts’ governance role and to imagine new ways of helping congregations collaborate with each other and with the national Association. The all-day meeting of 133 district presidents, members of district boards, district staff, and […]


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