WaterFire, and a wedding, cap off Saturday GA celebrations

The UUA sponsored WaterFire Providence, a public art festival, as an opportunity to reach out in love, June 28.
© Nancy Pierce/UUA.

Tens of thousands of people joined in with Unitarians Universalists at the dramatic WaterFire event on Saturday night in downtown Providence, R.I., the public witness event at this year’s General Assembly. As night fell, Unitarian Universalists in their bright yellow Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts were easy to spot in the enormous crowds […]

Final text: Responsive resolution celebrating N.Y. gay marriage law

Here is the final text of a responsive resolution delegates approved at the 2011 General Assembly celebrating the passage of marriage equality legislation in New York State (PDF; 1 page). The resolution was introduced by the Rev. Dr. Michael Tino and the two UUA trustees who represent districts with congregations in New York State. Full […]

We take to the streets for marriage equality

Unitarian Universalists took their values into the street Saturday holding a noon rally at Loring Park, swarming the Twin Cities Pride Festival with their yellow Standing on the Side of Love shirts and their messages about marriage equality. The visual high point might have been the chariot, drawn by four roosters, carrying a newly joined […]


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