District board wants to delay its business resolution

A small group of General Assembly delegates met Friday afternoon to discuss a proposed change to bylaw section C-3.1 on Member Congregations. Nathan Hollister, a member of the Southeast District board, the group that initially brought the proposed amendment to General Assembly, started the miniassembly off by announcing that the board had since decided that […]

Delegates discuss Article XV amendment, congregations

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At a business mini-assembly Thursday afternoon, General Assembly delegates examined a proposed bylaw change to Article XV of the UUA bylaws, which dictates the procedure for amending other bylaws. UUA Financial Advisor Dan Brody said the goal of the amendment was to provide a “clearer, more understandable process for amending the articles” and “one that would […]

Business items move through mini-assembly

A mini-assembly on three business items to come before GA delegates this week generated only a modest amount of interest Thursday. The three business items would: permit offsite voting by GA delegates; broaden the definition of a congregation; and change the composition of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. Around 40 people attended the mini-assembly. The proposal […]

‘Ethical Eating’ Statement of Conscience refined

Around 100 people attended the mini-assembly Thursday on Ethical Eating, the Statement of Conscience that GA delegates will vote on Friday morning. (The draft statement also appears on pages 10-12 of the Business Agenda; PDF.) The issue was selected by delegates at GA 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. There have been GA workshops on it […]

2012 ‘Justice General Assembly’ begins to take shape

What will the 2012 Justice General Assembly look like? That’s the question more than 100 people came together to ask and to begin to answer in a Thursday afternoon workshop called “Looking Ahead to General Assembly 2012.” Planners have delivered a clear message that the 2012 GA will not be business as usual. At last […]

Amendment to board restructuring bylaw passes in Mini-Assembly

A vocal group of delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly met in a Mini-Assembly Thursday afternoon to discuss a proposed bylaw amendment that would shrink the size of the UUA board to 14 people from the current 26 (PDF; pages 22-28 in the Business Agenda). Delegates spoke both for and against the amendment, which […]

Delegates examine proposed changes to Article XV

Delegates at a business mini-assembly Thursday morning at the UUA General Assembly in Charlotte, N.C., focused on a proposed bylaw change to Article XV of the UUA bylaws, which dictates the procedure for amending other bylaws. Article XV came under scrutiny after delegates at the 2009 General Assembly in Salt Lake City narrowly rejected a […]

Mini-assembly offers changes to elections reform

At Friday afternoon’s mini-assembly on proposed changes to the elections process for the UUA president and moderator, delegates recommended several amendments. A substantial amendment offered by the Board of Trustees explicitly lays out the transition from the current system—which allows a president or moderator to serve for two four-year terms—to the new system of single […]

Mini-assemblies scheduled for Ariz. boycott resolution, other business

At this morning’s plenary, UUA Moderator Gini Courter and David May, chair of the Commission on Social Witness, presented the slate of mini-assemblies that will be held over the course of this GA. Mini-assemblies give delegates an opportunity to amend bylaw and rule changes, business resolutions, Actions of Immediate Witness, and Statements of Conscience before […]


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