Recommitting to antiracism, thanking Gini Courter

Responsive resolution presentation

Delegates introduced two responsive resolutions during Sunday’s final plenary recommitting the Unitarian Universalist Association to antiracism, anti-oppression, and multicultural work, and thanking Gini Courter for her years as moderator. The first responsive resolution was read from the floor and appeared on screen, and was endorsed heartily by the delegates:

Final text: Responsive resolution celebrating N.Y. gay marriage law

Here is the final text of a responsive resolution delegates approved at the 2011 General Assembly celebrating the passage of marriage equality legislation in New York State (PDF; 1 page). The resolution was introduced by the Rev. Dr. Michael Tino and the two UUA trustees who represent districts with congregations in New York State. Full […]

Final text: Resolution calling for Ariz. ‘action ministry’ for young UUs

Here is the final text of a responsive resolution passed by the 2011 General Assembly calling for the creation of an “Arizona Youth and Young Adult action ministry” (PDF; 1 page) to prepare young Unitarian Universalists to participate in the 2012 “Justice General Assembly” in Phoenix. The resolution was introduced by Rob Smith of Valley UU Church […]

Final text: Responsive resolution urging UUs to learn Spanish

Here is the text of a responsive resolution adopted by the 2011 General Assembly calling on members of congregations and religious professionals to learn Spanish (PDF; 1 page) as part of their commitment to a multicultural Unitarian Universalism. The responsive resolution was introduced by the Rev. Orlanda Brugnola. Full text below.

Responsive resolutions approved at GA 2011

[Corrected 7.6.11:] As a final act, GA delegates approved three responsive resolutions at the close of the Sunday afternoon business session and reaffirmed a responsive resolution approved last year. The first, by the Rev. Michael Tino of the UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester, in Mount Kisco, N.Y., celebrates New York state’s approval of marriage equality […]

Final texts of GA resolutions now available

Here are the final texts of the Actions of Immediate Witness, business resolutions, and responsive resolutions adopted by the UUA’s 2010 General Assembly. Actions of Immediate Witness Clean Up the Clean Energy Bill Gulf Coast Environmental and Economic Justice 2010 Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures at the State Level (Arizona Law SB 1070 and the Like) and […]

Texts of proposed responsive resolutions

Here are the texts of the four responsive resolutions introduced during the final plenary session at the UUA’s 2010 General Assembly. These are unofficial versions, as presented to the delegates; final versions of the three approved resolutions will be published on after they have been reviewed by the UUA’s legal council and have been […]

Passed: Youth Caucus vision of 2012 General Assembly

In the scramble to wrap up our coverage of the 2010 General Assembly, UU World published reports on three of the four proposed Responsive Resolutions presented during Sunday afternoon’s final plenary, but didn’t publish a report on the fourth. Here it is: Delegates affirmed a Responsive Resolution concerning the 2012 General Assembly in Phoenix, Ariz., […]

Board meeting: Significant changes ahead for GA resolutions

The UUA board held its traditional post-General Assembly meeting on Monday morning, June 28. They conducted an informal evaluation of the board’s General Assembly workshops; discussed the possibility of reevaluating Responsive Resolutions and Actions of Immediate Witness; approved the Panel on Theological Education’s budget; revised a board policy to include the establishment of a site […]

Rejected: Call for social witness process review

During the final plenary Sunday afternoon, delegates rejected a proposed responsive resolution that would have called on the Board of Trustees to to appoint a task force to review the way congregational Study/Action Issues and Actions of Immediate Witness are selected. The resolution also would have introduced ranked voting.

Approved: Request for covenant of ‘right relationship’

Jody Malloy, a delegate from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County in Media, Pa., offered a responsive resolution in response to the Moderator’s Report. The responsive resolution called on the Board of Trustees to “investigate how we might develop a Covenant of Right Relationships for all of our work together, and report back to […]

Approved: Youth and young adult responsive resolution

Luke Lamar, a member of the UU Church of Brunswick, Maine, presented a responsive resolution asking UUs and UU congregations to focus on the development of youth and young adult ministry and the empowerment of youth and young adults. “The Board has stated that it’s eager to empower a younger generation of leaders,” he said. […]

Few respond to 2009 responsive resolution

UUA Secretary Tom Loughrey reported on the progress made on the responsive resolution on power, privilege, and oppression passed at the 2009 GA in Salt Lake City. The resolution comes from a section of the proposed revision to Article II (which includes the UUA’s Principles and Purposes) that didn’t pass at last year’s General Assembly. […]

Responsive resolutions on Article II, Article XV, and African visas

The final texts of the responsive resolutions adopted by the UUA General Assembly during the final plenary session June 28 are now online: “Responsive Resolutions on Inclusion: Two resolutions introduced by members of Allies for Racial Equity endorsed the “Inclusion” section of the Commission on Appraisal’s proposed revision of Article II (the “Principles and Purposes”), […]

Resolution calls for inquiry into African visa denials

Dale Hill, from River Road UU Congregation in Bethesda, Md., proposed a responsive resolution in response to President Sinkford’s report on his trip to Africa and his introduction of two African UU leaders. Hill observed that both African men had been granted visas by the U.S. government, but that eight African women who had applied […]

Assembly rejects proposal to delay Mosaic Project

Finley C. Campbell, a member of First Unitarian Church of Chicago who called himself an “Old Black Dude, ’34,” offered a responsive resolution urging the UUA to delay implementation of the “Mosaic Project,” an assessment of the ministry needs of youth and young adults of color. Campbell said that the Mosaic report calls for mandatory […]

G.A. responds to failed Article II revision

Delegates brought a variety of responsive resolutions to the final plenary of the 2009 General Assembly in response to the Commission on Appraisal’s proposed revision of Bylaw Article II (the “Principles and Purposes”). The Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo, president of UU Allies for Racial Equity and minister from Marblehead, Mass., and the Youth Caucus proposed […]


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