Assembly adopts immigration Statement of Conscience

GA delegates vote

Delegates to the 2013 General Assembly adopted overwhelmingly a Statement of Conscience regarding “Immigration as a Moral Issue” Friday morning. The statement, introduced to the delegates by Susan Goekler, chair of the Commission on Social Witness (CSW), has been several years in the making. In 2010, delegates voted that Immigration as a Moral Issue should […]

Final text: ‘Ethical Eating’ Statement of Conscience

Here is the final text of the Statement of Conscience approved by the 2011 General Assembly, “Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice” (PDF; 2 pages). The statement will be published on the UUA website’s searchable resolutions page, where you can also browse earlier resolutions. Full text below.

GA approves ‘Ethical Eating’ Statement of Conscience

General Assembly delegates passed their first major item of business Friday morning, approving a Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating. The statement had been in the works for three years, having been proposed at GA 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The three-page statement calls on UUs to “eat ethically” by becoming aware of the ways […]

Text of amended ‘Ethical Eating’ draft Statement of Conscience

This morning’s Commission on Social Witness “CSW Alert” published the amended draft Statement of Conscience on “Ethical Eating,” incorporating some amendments proposed during yesterday’s mini-assembly. Unincorporated amendments, which delegates can move to add during this morning’s plenary discussion of the draft statement, are listed at the end.

‘Ethical Eating’ Statement of Conscience refined

Around 100 people attended the mini-assembly Thursday on Ethical Eating, the Statement of Conscience that GA delegates will vote on Friday morning. (The draft statement also appears on pages 10-12 of the Business Agenda; PDF.) The issue was selected by delegates at GA 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. There have been GA workshops on it […]

‘Creating Peace’ Statement of Conscience passes overwhelmingly

Delegates have resoundingly approved the “Creating Peace” Statement of Conscience, as amended.

Statement of Conscience debate: Supporting nonviolent resisters

Delegates have voted to approve an amendment that would add a statement of support for nonviolent resisters to the proposed Statement of Conscience on “Creating Peace.”

Amendment vote: ‘Theological principles’ it is

Moderator Gini Courter announced that the vote to rename the “Theological Principles” section of the proposed Statement of Conscience “Theological Grounding” failed. 638 delegates voted in favor of the amendment, 707 voted against it.

Statement of Conscience debate: Theological ‘principles’?

As debate got underway Friday morning on the proposed Statement of Conscience on “Creating Peace,” six delegates spoke for or against the draft text presented by the Commission on Social Witness before taking up amendments. On the main motion, Teresa Wilmot, a delegate from the UU Church of Rockford, Ill., spoke against the 130-line proposed Statement. […]

Delegates debate Peacemaking Statement of Conscience

GA delegates are about to debate a proposed Peacemaking Statement of Conscience that calls UUs “to the work of peacebuilding, peacemaking, and peacekeeping,” and to “advocate a culture of peace through a transformation of public policies, religious consciousness, and individual lifestyles.” Delegates will debate and vote on the statement during this morning’s plenary session. The […]

Delegates work to fine-tune peacemaking statement

With only one day left before it goes for a final vote, GA delegates and other peace activists met with the Commission on Social Witness Thursday morning to discuss and suggest amendments to a proposed Statement of Conscience on Peacemaking. The Statement calls UUs “to the work of peacebuilding, peacemaking, and peacekeeping,” and to “advocate […]

Mini-assemblies scheduled for Ariz. boycott resolution, other business

At this morning’s plenary, UUA Moderator Gini Courter and David May, chair of the Commission on Social Witness, presented the slate of mini-assemblies that will be held over the course of this GA. Mini-assemblies give delegates an opportunity to amend bylaw and rule changes, business resolutions, Actions of Immediate Witness, and Statements of Conscience before […]

GA sends back ‘Peacemaking’ Statement of Conscience

After an hour of debate Friday afternoon at the General Assembly in Salt Lake City, delegates have voted to refer a proposed Statement of Conscience on peacemaking back to the Commission on Social Witness for another year of study and review.


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