Opening Ceremony ends with outdoor rally

Arizona Immigration Ministry Witness Event (©Nancy Pierce)

The Opening Ceremony of the Justice General Assembly spilled out onto the streets of Phoenix, Ariz., Wednesday night, as hundreds of Unitarian Universalists processed from the Convention Center to Heritage Square singing, “Freedom is Coming.” At a park one block away, people gathered for the outdoor conclusion of the first-night events, filling the plaza with […]

General Assembly welcomes three new congregations

UUA Moderator Gini Courter

  At Wednesday night’s opening plenary session, the UUA’s General Assembly welcomed three new member congregations: the UU Congregation of Petoskey, Mich.; the UU Community of Cambria, Calif.; and Brockport UU Fellowship in Brockport, N.Y. The total number of UUA member congregations grew from 1,046 in 2011 to 1,054 in 2012.      

Behind the magic curtain! Meet the team behind GA video

Behind the magic curtain! from UU World on Vimeo. This General Assembly I’ve had the pleasure of working with UU World and other UUA staff, and some of the volunteers who make the technology powering GA work. I conclude this our video blog experiment—14 videos over 4 days—with a tip of the hat to the […]

Addictions ministry: Resources for congregations to aid recovery

UUA Addiction Ministry Team from UU World on Vimeo. You may have heard about The Addiction Ministry Handbook published by Skinner House books, but did you know the UUA has an Addiction Ministry Team? Therissa Libby, a member of this team, explains their work and ministry and how to find related resources.

Growth tips from Vero Beach

Growth Tips from Vero Beach, Fla. from UU World on Vimeo. It was hard to miss the team from the Vero Beach, Fla., congregation in their bright pink shirts. In this segment I learned why this growing, entrepreneurial congregation gives away the offering plate and uses a “celebrated speaker series” to cover their mortgage.

Approved: Amendment to update Ministerial Fellowship Committee Rules

GA delegates voted Sunday afternoon without debate to approve a bylaw change to Sections 4.8 of Article IV and C-10.9 of Article X. These changes reflect new Ministerial Fellowship Committee Rules that eliminated the category of “Associate Ministerial Fellowship.”

Approved: Amendments pertaining to RE Credentialing Committee

Delegates at Sunday morning’s plenary session approved a series of bylaw changes that clarify the procedures for the Religious Education Credentialing Committee in either revoking or suspending the credentialed status of a religious educator, as well as several other minor administrative changes.

Approved: References to obsolete staff groups removed

General Assembly delegates have voted to approve a bylaw change to Section 4.12 (UUA Statements of Conscience) of  Article IV. The amendment replaces the name of a now-nonexistent staff group with “UUA staff” to reflect the change and allow for future flexibility in staffing structures.

‘Two Who Dared’: New film shares UUSC founders’ story

Bringing UUSC founders back to life from UU World on Vimeo. UUSC founders Martha Sharp and the Rev. Waitstill Sharp are being brought to back to life to tell their story via archival photos and audio and video footage. In the new film Two Who Dared, audio recordings of the Sharps are used to narrate. […]

‘Virtual volunteers’: Team supports off-site delegates

UUA General Assembly Offsite Delegates from UU World on Vimeo. At this General Assembly the UUA is experimenting with delegates participating off-site. In this segment UUA Moderator Gini Courter introduces us to some of the “virtual volunteers” who are helping to make this possible.

Music and cultural change in UUism

Late Saturday evening, I sat down with Nick Page and Jeannie Gagne, and asked them what they saw as the major cultural changes facing Unitarian Universalism today. Jeannie Gagne is a composer and UU musician, as well as Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music. Nick Page is a UU composer, songleader, and he conducts […]

GA Saturday: Reports, amendments, and Phoenix rises

On Saturday, delegates got busy at the 2011 General Assembly, passing several bylaw amendments and hearing reports from the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees, president, and financial advisor. It was also a day of workshops, song, and worship—and imagining what the 2012 Justice GA in Phoenix will look like. Here’s a quick guide to […]

Morales: Our most important product must be ‘acts of love’

Before the Rev. Peter Morales, president of the UUA, began his report to the General Assembly on Saturday, he held up a copy of today’s local newspaper with a large photo of Friday’s public witness event. “Anybody see the front page of the Charlotte Observer?” he said. The convention hall erupted with applause and cheering. […]

Assembly reduces length of Nominating Committee terms

Delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly voted Saturday to change the terms of the Nominating Committee from one six-year term to two three-year terms. The motion overwhelmingly passed after 20 minutes of debate.

Phoenix GA: ‘Awaken the moral conscience of our country’

A good part of Saturday afternoon’s plenary was devoted to a discussion about what General Assembly 2012 in Phoenix might be like. Bottom line: a task force has been created to determine that, and a lot is not yet known. But it was made clear that whatever happens will happen with the guidance and direction […]

Delegates reduce size of UUA board

General Assembly delegates voted today to reduce the size of the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees from 26 members to 14. The bylaw amendment also ends the election of trustees by district. All trustees will be elected to “at large” positions. Terms will be reduced from four-year to three-year terms. After a half hour […]

The cultural challenge of digital media

This afternoon, I sat down to have coffee with Rev. Scott Wells, a Unitarian Universalist minister living in Washington D.C. He’s started a effort to organize a congregation that will make use of social media, and new ways of organizing. I asked Wells what he sees as the major cultural change facing Unitarian Universalism today. […]

Our awesome photographer

The coverage we are able to offer would not be nearly as rich without the skills of photographer Nancy Pierce. She kindly provided this self portrait from yesterday.

‘You have to take some risks’ in social media

“I wanted to help people fall in love with church,” said the Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein of her inspiration to engage with social media as a minister. Weinstein joined fellow panelists the Rev. Meg Riley, senior minister for the Church of the Larger Fellowship; Andrea Lerner, district executive of the New York Metro District; and […]

UU-United Nations Office will rejoin the UUA

The report of the Unitarian Universalist-United Nations Office was presented to the General Assembly Saturday by Bruce F. Knotts, executive director. Knotts highlighted his organization’s role in bringing LGBT, peace, climate change, and womens’ and childrens’ rights issues to the attention of UN delegates. LGBT issues, especially, have come “front and center” at the UN thanks in […]


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