UUMA gives honorary membership to Kay Montgomery

Bill Hamilton-Holway and Kay Montgomery

The Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association bestowed an honorary membership on retiring UUA Executive Vice President Kay Montgomery at its annual business meeting Wednesday, June 19. The UUMA recognized Montgomery for her 30 years of service to the UUA, including 28 years as executive vice president to four UUA presidents. The Rev. Dr. William F. Schulz, […]

New rules approved for ministers’ relationships

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Guidelines Committee drafted new language that forbids all sexual relationships between ministers and congregants.
(Christopher L. Walton)

UU Ministers Association sets new sexual ethics policy from UU World on Vimeo. At its annual business meeting prior to the opening of the 2013 General Assembly, the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) voted to pass a new rule prohibiting sexual contact between ministers and congregants. The rule says: “I will not engage in sexual […]

Workshop invites UUs to ask, ‘Whose are we?’

“What transcends our small, individual being? Whose are we?” asked the Rev. Don Southworth, executive director of the UU Ministers Association, at the start of a workshop on spiritual discernment and theological reflection. The Rev. Burton Carley affirmed that Unitarian Universalist communities are centered not around belief but covenant. “We come together to share right […]

Berry Street lecture focuses on clergy misconduct and its aftermath

The Rev. Dr. Debra Pope-Lance presented this year’s Berry Street address with an essay entitled, “Whence We Come and How and Whither.” The essay examined clergy misconduct within Unitarian Universalist congregations and addressed the many complications of being what she called “after-pastors”—the clergy who serve a congregation after clergy misconduct has occurred. Speaking to the […]

Blogs about pre-General Assembly ‘Ministry Days’

For more on the two-day “Ministry Days” conference of the UU Ministers Association, which meets just before the start of the UUA General Assembly, here are some recent blog posts: “Growing Grassroots Religious Movements“: The Rev. Naomi King reflects on UUA President Peter Morales’s remarks last night to the UUMA, in which he emphasized “the […]

Gilbert: ‘First 50 years of ministry are the hardest’

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Gilbert reflected this morning on his 50 years as a Unitarian Universalist minister during the annual “25/50” worship service at Ministry Days, the conference of the UU Ministers Association that immediately precedes General Assembly. “The first 50 years of ministry are the hardest,” he quipped as he stepped to the […]


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