Sister Simone Campbell to UUs: Walk towards trouble

UUA General Assembly  2014

Sister Simone Campbell wants UUs to “walk towards trouble.” The national coordinator of NETWORK (a National Catholic Social Change Lobby) well-known for her advocacy work on issues of peace-building, immigration reform, healthcare, and economic justice, as well as her Nuns on the Bus tour, presented the 2014 General Assembly Ware Lecture Saturday evening at the […]

Eboo Patel urges interfaith involvement

Eboo Patel

Author Eboo Patel presented the Ware Lecture at GA Friday evening. Patel is the author of Acts of Faith, published by Beacon Press. The book is the UUA 2011-12 Common Read. Patel is also founder and executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core, an international, nonprofit youth service leadership organization. He spoke at GA in […]

Hinojosa describes ‘two Americas’ in Ware Lecture

Maria Hinojosa (©Nancy Pierce)

Maria Hinojosa, National Public Radio broadcast journalist, presented the Ware Lecture at General Assembly Saturday night, telling several thousand Unitarian Universalists there are two Americas. Places like Arizona, she said, are “an America where people live in fear of any kind of authority. Imagine looking at officers and feeling fear because the police have the […]

Anniversary events on tap for UUA General Assembly

A fiftieth anniversary celebration, an experiment in off-site voting, and a keynote address by author Karen Armstrong will all be part of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly 2011, which takes place June 22-26 in Charlotte, N.C. The opening worship event of the annual gathering of congregational leaders will celebrate the consolidation in 1961 of […]

LaDuke urges environmental action in Ware Lecture

Winona LaDuke invited her audience Saturday night at the Ware Lecture to take back their country by erecting wind turbines, blocking coal plants and genetically-modified crops, and, above all, not waiting for someone else to save the world. Duke, a Native-American activist, environmentalist, and writer, lives in Minnesota and is active in many movements to […]


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