English Unitarians making headlines, and other UUs in the media

English Unitarians making headlines

Kieran Bohan and Warren Hartley are thought to have become the first same-sex couple in Great Britain to hold a civil partnership ceremony in a house of worship when they wed at the Ullet Road Unitarian Church in Liverpool last month. (Daily Mail – 6.11.12)

James Barry, a Unitarian from Sussex, England, will attempt to preach the world’s longest sermon, in part to raise funds for a children’s charity. (Sussex Living – 6.9.12)

Mansford Street Unitarian Chapel in Bethnal Green, England, will start offering free meals to the community, and has hopes for adding a food bank as well. (East London Advertiser – 6.11.12)

Discipline vs. abuse, the draw of our faith, and more

The Rev. Anthony David, senior minister of the UU Congregation of Atlanta, Ga., weighs in on the disciplining debate set off by the Rev. Creflo Dollar, the megachurch pastor who was arrested for beating his daughter. (Atlanta Journal Constitution – 6.12.12)

Joanne Davis, administrator at the UU Congregation of Erie, Pa., reflects on what drew her to Unitarian Universalism. (Erie Times-News – 6.9.12)

The Rev. Cynthia P. Cain of the UU Church of Lexington, Ky., wrote in to let us know that her church has been the setting for two female priest ordinations, “the first of which occasioned the trial/excommunication of Father Roy Bourgeois of SOA Watch” and the second of which happened last Saturday. Watch a news video of the recent ordination. (Kentucky.com, WTVQ – 6.9.12)

A Wisconsin paper reports on local results of a recent study by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, including information about UU membership in the area. (Wisconsin State Journal – 6.10.12)

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