Unitarian Universalism growing nationally, and other UUs in the media

Unitarian Universalism growing nationally

USA Today has an article about how Unitarian Universalism has been growing as a religion in the United States. (USA Today – 10.2.12) The article draws on statistics for 2000–2010, and presents a rosier picture than UU World‘s coverage of more recent UUA membership figures. (UU World – Fall 2012)

UUs rally around social causes

Charlotte Droogan, lay minister at the UU Church of Joliet, Ill., was one of several peaceful protesters arrested by riot police at a rally for Wal-mart workers on strike. (The Nation – 10.2.12)

The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi, of the Paint Creek Unitarian Church in Rochester, Mich., spoke at a rally condemning hatred and violence against Muslims. (Arab American News – 10.5.12)

The Union Township of the City of Mount Pleasant, Mich., approved a proposed draft for the Charter Township of Union Human Rights Ordinance. The ordinance was first proposed last November by a citizen group backed by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Michigan. (Central Michigan Life – 10.4.12)

Congregation votes to relocate, UUs help build 20 libraries, and more

The Oak Ridge UU Church in Oak Ridge, Tenn., voted to sell its land and relocate to make room for a future $30 million Kroger Marketplace. (WBIR-TV – 10.1.12)

The Rev. John Crestwell, Jr., of the UU Church of Annapolis, Md., tells the story of how he became a UU and what he did to bring diversity to his congregation. (The Washington Post – 10.4.12)

The UU Fellowship of Topeka, Kans., and Women Empowerment Inc. are collaborating to build, paint, and install 20 Little Free Libraries in Topeka by November. Created in 2009, Little Free Libraries is a national program where volunteers have small boxes installed in their yards so people can take or donate books for others to use and then return. (NorthJersey.com – 9.30.12)

The UU Society of Bangor, Maine, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its building; its original home was destroyed in the Great Bangor Fire in 1911. (WLBZ-TV – 9.30.12)