Church employee murdered, and other UUs in the media

Exploring the topic of UU growth

Lutheran minister and academic Martin E. Marty wrote an article in response to the USA Today article from last week talking about UU growth. In it he gives both honest critiques and some rather strong opinions about UUs. ( – 10.8.12, USA Today – 10.2.12)

The Rev. James Ishmael Ford wrote a response to the response, pointing out some of the faults in Marty’s critique, such as implying that UUs have a “thin theology,” which leads to the best line of the article: “Let me be frank. Apparently they mean we don’t offer enough baloney.” ( – 10.8.12)

And an article in the Daily Iowan discusses why Unitarian Universalism seems to have increased in popularity over the past 10 years. (The Daily Iowan – 10.8.12)

Tulsa church employee murdered

A woman who was working as an administrative assistant at the All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Okla., was fatally stabbed, allegedly by her son. The son, who worked as a custodian for the church, was arrested. A news video on the story says police are “baffled” about the motive. (Tulsa World – 10.6.12, – 10.9.12)

Dying with dignity, ‘God Squad’ podcast, and more

The First Parish UU Church in Scituate, Mass., is holding a discussion about the upcoming vote on Question 2, which addresses “Dying with Dignity.” The event will include Scituate clergy and hospice workers for a discussion of both sides of the issue in order to educate voters. ( – 10.6.12)

The Rev. Meg Riley, senior minister of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, wrote an article about her volunteer work to bring same-sex marriage to Minnesota. (The Huffington Post – 10.5.12)

The UU Fellowship of Harford County, Md., held an outdoor event to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The event is part of the Silent Witness National Initiative, a program founded in 1990 to address domestic violence in local communities. (Baltimore Sun – 10.8.12)

The Rev. Meg Barnhouse, minister of First UU Church in Austin, Tex., and a columnist for UU World, talks about Unitarian Universalism on rock station KLBJ 93.7’s “The God Squad” program. Her segment begins at 12:50 from the end of October 5, 2012, Part 2, and continues at the start of Part 3. (KLBJ 93.7 FM – 10.5.12)

With the weather getting colder, the UU Church of Ellsworth, Maine, will be holding an annual dinner to raise funds to assist families with their heating bills. ( – 10.7.12)

The Rev. Neal Anderson, of the UU Fellowship of Reno, Nev., talked about ACTIONN, which is an organization focused on helping Northern Nevada fix its unemployment and graduation rates. (KTVN – 10.10.12)

The UU Fellowship at Easton, Md., held its annual blessing of the pets service, where about a half-dozen members had their dogs blessed. (The Star Democrat – 10.7.12)

The Unitarian Society of Amherst, Mass., is getting a $1 million building expansion—but at the cost of 10 public parking spaces downtown. (Amherst Bulletin – 10.10.12)