Activist denied job at UU church, and other UUs in the media

Bureau of Prisons blocks DeChristopher from job at UU church

An attorney for environmental activist Tim DeChristopher says DeChristopher won’t be allowed to take a job at a UU church because Bureau of Prisons officials didn’t want him serving his work release in the church’s social justice ministry since his crime was related to social justice. (Deseret News – 11.7.12)

The latest issue of UU World has two articles about DeChristopher: one detailing how his activism led him to prison and to plans to become a UU minister, and one written by him reflecting on how interconnectedness makes the powerless powerful. (UU World – Winter 2012)

UUs spotted on ‘The Daily Show’

On Thursday night, UU viewers of The Daily Show spotted several people in Standing on the Side of Love shirts during a segment about Arizona. You can watch the episode online (the Arizona segment starts at about the 10:00 mark; look for the SSL shirts at about 12:20).

Religious liberty, services for non-believers, and more

The Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, an ordained UU minister and executive director of the ACLU of Colorado, wrote an article about religious liberty, saying, “religious liberty does not include a freedom to impose religious views or practices on others.” ( – 11.10.12)

This fall, the Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Okla., started a special service for non-theists. (Tulsa World – 11.10.12) All Souls has been opening its doors to religious seekers for some time, having invited Bishop Carlton Pearson and his congregation to join their services several years ago. (UU World – Fall 2009)

The People’s Church of Kalamazoo, Mich., was chosen to receive the Unitarian Universalist Association’s 2012 Bennett Award “for the scope and depth of work at both local and international levels.” The award is given annually to honor a congregation that has done noteworthy work in social justice. ( – 11.14.12)

Musicians Dan Arnow, Mark Stevenson, and Yolanda Sue Guedea from the UU Church of Ogden, Utah, will offer musical selections as part of the annual Interfaith Works Thanksgiving Celebration. ( – 11.9.12)

The Occult, a movie filmed this spring at Pender County locations including the Shelter Neck UU Camp in Burgaw, N.C., will be returning this week to gather additional footage for the movie. ( – 11.13.12)