Celebrating Chalica, and other UUs in the media

UU holiday joins packed season of celebration

The religion editor of the Toledo Blade wrote that, while he sincerely gives “respectful greetings to friends and family of many faiths in this month of holidays” such as the Unitarian Universalist Chalica, the modern overabundance of decorations, music, and festivities throughout December might be overdoing it a little. (Toledo Blade – 12.1.12)

If you don’t know about Chalica, a celebration of the UU Principles, UU World has an article explaining it. (UU World – 12.7.09)

Avoiding the fiscal cliff, exhuming burial grounds, and more

UUA President Peter Morales called upon elected political leaders to “let the common good, not the interests of the powerful, guide you toward reaching an agreement” in their attempts to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. (The Huffington Post – 12.3.12)

David Coombs, the attorney for Pfc. Bradley Manning, the alleged WikiLeaks tipster, spoke to the Bradley Manning Support Network at the All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington D.C., about Manning’s “disgraceful” treatment in prison. More information on the case, including a video of part of Coombs’ speech, can be found here. (guardian.co.uk – 12.4.12, Kansas City infoZine – 12.6.12)

The Community Action Party criticized the Salford City Council and Asda Supermarkets for exhuming 313 bodies from the former Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground in Swinton, England, to put in a new supermarket. Locals are upset that the construction, approved in June 2012, will mean relocating the bodies of, among others, three victims of a historic mine explosion and a WWI hero. (Manchester Gazette – 12.4.12, BBC News – 6.20.12)

The UU Church in Meriden, Conn., hosted a forum called “Coming to America: A Forum on Immigration” for people interested in learning about immigrants and the struggles they face as they start a new life in the United States. (Myrecordjournal.com – 12.5.12)