UUs weigh in on the nones, and other UUs in the media

UUs engage on the topic of ‘nones’

NPR’s series this week on “nones”—the growing segment of the United States population that identifies itself as religiously unaffiliated—is not about Unitarian Universalists, but many UUs are actively participating in the comments on the stories, and the UUA is encouraging them to do so. (NPR.org, Facebook.com/TheUUA)

UUA President Peter Morales has spoken on the topic before and wrote about how UUs might engage the “nones” in his Winter 2012 UU World column. Dan Cryer also discussed the “nones” in his 2011 article “A nation of religious changelings.” (UU World – Summer 2011)

In the congregations

The damaged steeple of First UU Church of Youngstown, Ohio, was successfully removed this week. The congregation is now considering whether to restore it, replace it with a replica, or install solar panels or a wind turbine in its place. (Youngstown Vindicator – 1.15.13, 1.10.13)

For the fourth year, the Unitarian Church in Summit, N.J., is hosting a reading of one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches on MLK Day, but for the first time they have invited a guest preacher to do it: the Rev. Ronald Allen, of the Pilgrim Baptist Church. (Independent Press – 1.12.13)

The Rev. Dr. Neal Jones will officially be installed as minister of the UU Congregation of Columbia, S.C., this month, though he has served as the congregation’s minister for the last eight years. (Columbia Star – 1.18.13)

Christopher L. Walton contributed to this week’s blog post.