Film chronicles UU resistance fighters, and other UUs in the media

Film chronicles UU resistance fighters

Two Who Dared, a documentary about UUSC founders Martha Sharp and the Rev. Waitstill Sharp, who helped European refugees escape the Nazis during World War II, is being screened at the UU Church of Chattanooga, Tenn. This will be the first time the film—produced by the Sharps’ grandson, Artemis Joukowsky III, and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Matthew Justus—has been screened in Tennessee. (Times Free Press – 2.16.13)

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Rallying on the side of love

On Valentine’s Day, same-sex couples, activists, and church leaders gathered across the country at “Standing on the Side of Love” marriage equality rallies. More than a dozen Salt Lake City couples applied for marriage licenses and were rejected in an event designed to draw attention to issues of marriage equality. (Salt Lake Tribune – 2.14.13)

Members of several UU congregations, including the UU Fellowship of Marion County in Summerfield, Fla., protested the school board’s response to a proposed gay-straight alliance club at a local middle school. (Ocala – 2.20.13)